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Syma S102G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

Okay, I am a 40 year old man, and on a whim last week I bought an RC Helicopter for the first time at a Target – it was more expensive than this one. I took it home and found it very very difficult to keep up in the air for more than a couple minutes – the trim wouldn’t adjust, and it would always, no matter what, go forward, which made it difficult for me as a complete novice. I crashed it a few times and than it wouldn’t get off the ground. I was bit by the bug enough to come on amazon, search, and sort by best review. This one was about 5$ cheaper than my first purchase, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Right out of the box, it was about 10x easier to fly. I liked it could hover, go forwards, and go backwards – so if I wound up in a corner, I could just ease the throttle and reverse instead of trying to do an insane 270 turn. Due to still not being a super pilot I still managed some spectacular crashes, and it always got right back up in the air. For those in the know about these helicopters there are tons of compare and contrast reviews on here, but for those like me who just want something that will get in the air pretty much out of the box and zip around your living room, you cannot go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommended! It is obvious why this has so many good reviews. Check it out!

Product Description Up/down, left/turn right, forward/backward with gyro 2 frequency is available Stable/Easy to fly Spare parts: 1PCS USB cable+1PCS tail blade(included) Charging :2 ways (USB & Controller available) Charging time: about 40mins Battery:3.7V 150mAH Li-poly Flying time:5-8 minutes Flying distance: about 8 meters From the Manufacturer Walkera Original Factory Replacement Part: Video Transmitter Module TX5803 for the Walkera V450D03 Radio Controlled (RC) Model Helicopter.

Syma S102G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro Review

We actually love this helicopter but the picture was deceiving. It was a lot smaller than expected but all-in-all it is still a fun RC chopper. -Read Reviews-

Stabile Flight Characteristics

Easy to Fly

Great for Beginners

OEM Replacement Part

Uniform Dimensions

High Quality

Fits Walkeras V450D03

This was a gift for my four year old and we got a different model for our seven year old and I have to admit to being nervous about the durability with a four year old. Of course she learned to control the helicopter with me so it wasn’t like I was turning her loose to dive bomb the cat and crash into a wall. The nice things about this model are that it is so much easier, smoother and slower for take off. Very easy to control versus the other models that we have used. This is easy to keep level, at a certain height and to take slow controlled turns. It’s night and day compared to our other one in terms of how "touchy" the remote is for this. We love this and it has held up so well! It’s been crashed more times than I can count (all controlled crashes of course). It was accidentally lowered quickly (dropped) from the second story to the first when I thought it was landing on a banister and it just keeps plugging away. The battery life is about 15 minutes now but it charges quickly. My only negatives would be: the charging cable and plug seem cheap and fragile, the helicopter doesn’t sit stably when being charged, it doesn’t do well all. We have fun with this, it’s still used a lot and at the price point we couldn’t have asked for more. I can answer questions but I am not an expert in this arena at all. Thanks!

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