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Sylvania Portable CD Player Boom Box with AM/FM Radio (Red)

Great boom box in a small size which was exactly what I was looking for! It has a nice sound! Check it out!

When you hear the Sylvania name, immediately you think of quality built, affordable electronics. Well the folks at Sylvania are at it again. Introducing the SRCD1025, Portable CD Radio Boom box! Sylvania stepped up their game as they introduce this Boom box that will be perfect for any occasion! It has a top loading CD player with an LED display for your favorites mixed cd’s, or you can listen to your favorite station with AM/FM radio tuning. If you’re planning a big party and made a playlist on your iPod well you’re in lick because it has an AUX-IN jack, and it has 20-track programmable memory. All this from the makers at Sylvania, the #1 leader in electronics!!

Sylvania Portable CD Player Boom Box with AM/FM Radio (Red) Review

MyMy Sylvania Portable CD Player Boom Box arrived today. I mainly purchased it to play CDs. While the radio works, CD player does not work at all; it doesn’t even spin. In addition, I noticed when I began this review that the price has already been lowered by $10. As a CD player, its value is actually $0. -Read Reviews-

Portable top loading CD player Boom box with AM/FM radio, plays CDs, CD-R, CD-RW

20-Track programmable memory, LED display

Foldable carrying handle

Aux in jack -allows you to play music from iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android, or any Audio device

AC wall power adapter included

Great boobmox. …music plays loudly and radio stations are very clear. …I love the colors!

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