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Supertramp Crisis! What Crisis! Original A&M Records release SP 4560 1970s Rock Vinyl (1975)

This is my absolute favorite of Supertramp’s all too short contributions. Crime Of The Century, took America like a tornado, and even more. .. It was rocky and edgy, with songs like: Bloody Well Right, plus numerous others that found their way to the air-waves. .. I was fortunate to see them in concert. They played Crisis? What Crisis? in it’s entirety. Tremendously fantastic! It was pensive, well thought out, and extremely thematic. Who could ask for more? Well it just so happens, Even In The Quietest Moments was about to be released. Every song brought the entire stadium to an almost a religious experience. Crisis? What Crisis? holds special memories, and it always will. Breakfast In America was probably their most commercial LP of all time. .. But I didn’t care for the compromise, so I didn’t buy it. Of course it had some good tracks, but most wasn’t all that great. . This one was exceptional. Just one mention from another reviewer of remasters on this and so many other groups and artists. I definitely concur in agreement. Most are dreadful! Especially to be noted, were the UK versions of The Beatles catalog that were re-released in stereo. Total loss of separation of sound, from the left and right channel. .. What did these engineers think when attempting the task that stereo was made specifically for it in the first place? Everything gets an ‘even spread’ and much of the sound on the LP vinyl versions when revised in this manner, are muddled if not totally lost in the remix. How sad to make such a travesty of the original master tapes. However, my opinion for Crisis? What Crisis? as Supertramp’s overall ‘best of’ still stands regardless. Recommendation: Get thee hence to the nearest used record store, (or get it here) and purchase thyself a decent turntable. Check it out!

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Supertramp Crisis! What Crisis! Original A&M Records release SP 4560 1970s Rock Vinyl (1975) Review

Okay being that I am from a younger generation, I of course heard breakfast in america, and bloody well right maybe a couple others they played on the radio. I thought i would check them out again., simply amazing band, almost everyone one of there songs i clicked on was awesome. I love "oldies" although i don’t look at them as being old, when most the music was more technical back in the day, Supertramp just makes great music, all of there albums are worth getting. -Read Reviews-

The songs on this album really grow on you, in a good way. It’s my 3rd favorite Supertramp album behind "Crime" & "Breakfast," and it’s not a distant 3rd, it’s a close 3rd. I’ve read that when Supertramp recorded the album, they were pressed for time, short on material, so most of the songs are leftovers from "Crime" sessions, or even older. When you first hear the album you think, "sure that makes sensesort of sounds like that. " But the songs have a charm and a raw quality which I think is fantastic. It’s got the good Ken Scott engineering like "Crime," but it’s not as dramatic, powerful, or sonically perfect, and Bob Siebenberg’s drums sit further back in the mix. The remastering is really good. Yes, it has some compression to make the album pop, but it’s tastefully done. The life hasn’t been squashed out of it. If you like Supertramp, it’s an essential album to pick up.

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