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Loose lips sink ships, especially if someone is pointing a Supersonic Ear at your conversation. This electronic listening device from the folks at Wild Planet also has more innocent uses. You can use it to listen to animals without frightening them away, or perhaps to hear what the players are saying at a ballgame. The device has a large parabolic dish that focuses sound into the sensitive microphone, amplifying distant conversations or whatever else you want to listen to. There’s even an eyepiece so you can spot your target before listening in. You’ll need a screwdriver to open the battery hatch and one 9-volt battery to run the device, but once you assemble the Supersonic Ear, you’ll be ready for hours of adventure. Winner of awards from Child magazine and FamilyFun magazine. Review Automatic Volume Limiter (AVL) Includes headphones and plug-in cord Awards from Child magazine, FamilyFun Magazine, and Dr. Toy 1 9-volt battery required Supply is limited —




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