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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

This is a classic game that’s been around for decades. I grew up to Mario Nintendo and such and gifting this to my son is a perfect way to reward him when he does well in school and keeps his room tidy. it’s a good reward system for him, he has hours of fun with it and we can give him pointers on how to get through the different levels with ease. The cartridge fit perfectly and worked instantly the moment he fired it up, each and every time. Check it out!

Product Description Recapture the magic of the original Super Mario Bros. in this Game Boy Color exclusive. Go to battle with Bowser and the Koopa crew in a race against time to save the imprisoned princess. Enjoy totally new bonus options and features. Guide Mario through 8 worlds bursting with secret flowers and all kinds of surprises behind breakable blocks. You can even print special stickers with the Game Boy Printer. 2-player competition is possible with the Game Link Cable. One of the best things about the Game Boy Color is that it’s basically an original Nintendo Entertainment System that can fit in your pocket. What this means for gamers is that many of the great games for the classic system are being ported to the Game Boy Color, giving us a chance to re-play (or in some cases discover) the best game titles from the ’80s. Nintendo’s own Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is among the first of these conversions, and it certainly remains one of the best. Actually, calling this game a conversion really doesn’t do it justice. This version actually contains more levels than the original game, including the entire Japanese version and a slew of extras (such as a two-player mode). The controls in this game are easy to grasp–even for novice gamers. All Mario can do is jump (and shoot fireballs with the right power- ups), but it is amazing to see how much gameplay can be squeezed from these simple actions when the controls work in direct harmony with a player’s thoughts. The only element of this game that could have been better is that the Game Boy Color’s screen isn’t quite large enough to show the entire layout of the original game screen, so players may occasionally need to press up and down on the control pad to see some offscreen action. While this can be distracting, it ultimately has minimal impact on gameplay. If you are looking for the quintessential side-scrolling platform game, you can’t do much better than Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. –T. Byrl Baker Pros: Classic side-scrolling action gameplay Lots of extras Cons: Screen isn’t quite big enough to show the entire layout of the game See all Product description




Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Review


If you’re older than 2 you probably heard of Super Mario, with over 200 games to his name he has tried almost every genre ( Yes, even a shooting game ), he is a bestseller ( The second best selling game ever ) and is the face of video games. So where did his fame come from? A package game for the original Nintendo. The problem is to experience on the original system you need to find a NES and you have to hope it still work. And I’ve never known how legal emulators are. Thankfully Nintendo rereleased the game a few times ( Super Mario all-stars/SNES Wii, NES Classic/ GBA, Virtual Console/Wii 3ds WiiU, And Super Mario Bros Deluxe/ Gameboy Color GBA ) This might be the best. It kept the original look unlike all-stars which might put some disappointed but it is a look that can’t be beaten. It add a save feature, Boo race, red coin hunt, and even achievements! This is the best singular port of the game. If you want you can also get the Nes classic version, but this is the best port on a gameboy system. If you had to only get one Gameboy Color game get Pokémon Gold/Silver or this. 5+/5 -Read Reviews-

Pixel-perfect translation of NES Super Mario Bros.

Thirty-two levels

New Vs. Mode for two system play

Game Boy Printer support

Battery backed with three game save slots

not exactly what i thought it would be

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