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SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage | StoreYourBoard

I have two paddle boards and didn’t really have room to use a traditional wall rack and the ceilings in the garage are extra high so this was a perfect solution. I put it up myself in less than an hour and it makes it convenient to put up and take down by myself. Looks cool pulling into the garage too. Check it out!

Made by StoreYourBoard, the leaders in outdoors sports gear storage, the SUP Hi-Line is an adjustable, customizable ceiling storage solution for your paddleboards at home! The Hi-Line consists of: -2 Nylon Straps: 1″ wide nylon is gentle on your paddleboard while stored-Metal Ceiling Mounts: both ends of each strap have sewn in D-ring clips that install into your ceiling joists easily with a single screw.-Release Clip: each strap can be “opened” or “closed” with the release clip-Adjustable Buckle: it’s easy to adjust the height at which your paddle board hangs, the buckle works the same way you’d tighten or loosen a backpack What SUPs will it hold?-Weight: the Hi-Line will support up to 50 pounds total, whether that’s 1 or more SUPs-Dimensions: the Hi-Line can fit paddle boards of any size, subject to the constraints of your storage space!Comes in 2 Sizes: -Size L: each strap is adjustable from 13″ to 54″; for mid-sized SUPs and smaller overhead spaces-Size XL: each strap is adjustable from 34″ to 96″; for large SUPs and to allow your board to hang down lower from the ceiling.Includes 4 mounting screws to complete installation to ceiling joists through D-ring clips on ends of straps. Made in the USA!

SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage | StoreYourBoard Review

Worked great! We have 2 over our garage door for our paddleboards. Much easier to get up and down than our earlier solution. -Read Reviews-

Simple, secure paddleboard ceiling storage solution (set of 2 straps)

Adjustable straps are customizable to fit any SUP – length/width/thickness

Release clips open the straps to easily load and unload your paddle board

Holds up to 50 lbs! Perfect for race, touring, surf, inflatable, or any SUP

Made in the USA, and includes equipment for quick installation into ceiling joists

Perfect solution for my one car garage. I have 2 paddleboards mounted on the ceiling. The adjustable straps allow it to sit above the car but below the garage door when it is open.

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