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Struggle for Pleasure

Like all the recordings from Wim, this is another once proven him to be one of the most amazing composers of modern music, quite enjoyable, a must have. Check it out!




Struggle for Pleasure Review


I was extremely pleased to see that this collection of songs from Wim Mertens had been re-issued and is now available in MP3 format. It has literally been 20 years since I’ve heard these tracks – back when I had an old vinyl LP of the album when it was originally distributed on the Windham Hill label. It was during my college days (when this first came out), that I happened to stumble upon the album while hosting a jazz show on my college radio station – and i immediately loved it. The combination of acoustic piano and “experimental” instrumentation establishes a mood perfect for relaxing at home or a drive in the countryside. It isn’t for everyone, but for those who like the type of instrumental/acoustic/electronic collaborations by artists such as Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois or Tangerine Dream, this is a must-have. -Read Reviews-

There are only six relatively short tracks on this mini-album, which catapulted composer Wim Mertens from nowhere to near-stardom in his native Belgium and other European countries. Steve Reich is an obvious influence (both in terms of minimalism and love for unusual instrumentations — in fact, I mistook some parts for synthesizers when I first heard the album!), but more melodic and less repetitive in character. The haunting instrumental ballad "Close Cover" was the jingle for Belgian national radio’s late-night programme for years (when I lived there). My favorite is the title track, which builds up layer by layer, in "chaconne" fashion, over a catchy arpeggiated piano pattern to reach a thunderous climax. Tracks 3 and 6 are likewise classics in their genre. If you want to surprise a discriminating (but open-minded) listener with an unexpected musical delight, this is the album!

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