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Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal Audible – Unabridged Chris Colfer (Author, Narrator),

I must admit I had never read a book that was first a movie, but while I was expecting my package I decided to watch the movie to catch a glimpse of what I was about to read, and believe me I’m glad I did because this book is way better than the movie, let me clarify that this is a diary not a third person novel, it describes the facts at the end of many days after they happened not during. This is definetely one of the best books I’ve read, even though Colfer is just starting as a writer (SBL being his second novel), it is great, personally I am highly related with "Carson Phillips" (this book’s main character), but besides the connection I made with the book I strongly recommend it because it has a great story and it also teaches many things about life, high school, people, etc. ..If you are a teen looking for a good story or a parent looking for some enjoyable reading that also leaves something on your mind to think about and later apply to life, this is the book for it. It came very well packaged in a very secure cardboard box basically made for the book and it arrived way before expected so amazon and Chris Colfer both made their part which satisfied me 100% Don’t think twice and buy it!!! Check it out!

Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal Audible – Unabridged Chris Colfer (Author, Narrator), Review

Carson Phillips is a very driven individual who believes absolutely in his own brilliance and is determined to leave his one-horse hometown. How he goes about achieving his dream of future success leaves a lot to be desired. Blackmailing one’s classmates is not the best solution to moving up in life but Carson believes he needs to seize every opportunity. One can hardly blame him because he lives in probably the most spirit-deadening environment imaginable. School is more like somewhere parents dump their kids and is, therefore, stultifying to someone as bright as Carson. I never usually give top rating in anything because there’s often room for improvement. In this case and with such a young author, I’m even more firmly entrenched in this idea but, after saying that, I have to admit the storytelling is great!One would never suspect such a sharp, biting wit from someone who looks as angelic as Chris Colfer. That’s a brilliant mind hiding behind those famous eyes and I believe we have much more to look forward to from this talented actor, writer, singer and (whattheheck?) movie producer. Colfer has written a story that I only hope is not typical of teenagers nowadays. I’m not naive so I know that much of what he’s written Mr. Colfer has probably experienced first-hand. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even with knowing ahead of time the ultimate outcome and I would recommend this book for both young people and their parents. Parents need to understand what kids are thinking and feeling behind the once-guileless eyes of their nearly grown-up babies. I thoroughly enjoyed this book in a laugh-out-loud way but that didn’t mask the underlying sympathy one would feel for someone like Carson. I’m encouraging my young ‘uns to read this book and plan to definitely pay more attention to their (often hidden) school life. -Read Reviews-

When I found out Chris Colfer wrote books I just had to check it out. I heard it from a friend ad I decided to order it and give it a read. It has a lot of moments from sad to down right hilarious, who knew Chris could be so witty with his word choices. I never thought Chris could write as well as he acts/sings on Glee but it does deliver. If you’re a Chris Colfer fan you should definitely read but if you aren’t it is a good read. When it comes to reading I need to be entertained and I was with this book. It is a realistic novel and to prevent spoilers I was stunned by the ending as well as Chris’s choice of language at some parts but that could be just me. Bottom line this is one of my favorite books that I read all of them time, or when I have time, and it is worth both your money and your time.

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