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Strega Nona Audio, Cassette – Unabridged, 1998 by Tomie dePaula (Author),

I read this book as a child and loved it. So when I saw it on the shelf at B&N I was thrilled – wasn’t so thrilled with the B&N price though. Then I found it on Amazon the price was killer so I picked it up. This story is an excellent example of the cost of "not listening" to important instruction. The boy instructed not to touch the witch’s magic cooking pot, does so anyways and is dismayed when mounds and mounds of spaghetti fill the town. When Strega Nona returns and stops the spaghetti, she charges the boy with cleaning up his mess by eat all the spaghetti. It teaches, in a fun way, about unintended consequences to our actions. Check it out!

Strega Nona Audio, Cassette – Unabridged, 1998 by Tomie dePaula (Author), Review

I just would like to talk to Tomie dePaola and let him know that the spelling of Strega Nona is totally wrong. Nona means ninth, but he meant "the grandma witch". So grandmother is written -Nonna (with 2 N)-. The story is nice, in fact I bought other books from the series, but I am italian and the misspelled words bother me. Said that my daughter loves the Strega Nona (The ninth witch 😀 ) -Read Reviews-

When our sons were young, we read to them often and then extended their love for reading and stories by playing audio books to them as they were going to sleep at night. Now we have grandchildren and we are seeing them enjoy the same love for reading and stories in like manner. Strega Nona is wonderful story and Tomie dePaola has a pleasing voice to hear as he narrates the story. Our grandchildren love the story and the moments we are spending together are building special memories.

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