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Sticker Activity ABC: Over 100 Stickers with Coloring Pages (Sticker Activity Fun) Paperback – August 19, 2008 by Roger Priddy (Author)

My daughter just turned 3 and she’s known her alphabet for a long time but now she is very interested in words and the letters they start with. She loves going down the list; A is for Apple, B is for Ball etc etc. This book is awesome because it gives examples for each letter. For each letter there is a list of words and illustrations and stickers. My daughter absolutely loves stickers so the stickers make this activity book that much more fun for her. It’s a fun and educational activity book and the price is a great deal! I think this book would be best for 2-5 year olds. Check it out!

About the Author Roger Priddy left school at 16 with just one qualification―in art. He went to Berkshire College of Art and Design and trained as an illustrator. His first job in children’s books was working with the publisher Peter Usborne, at Usborne Publishing, and then he worked with Peter Kindersley at Dorling Kindersley, where he spent 16 years. Priddy became Creative Director of DK’s Children’s Division and was Managing Director of the children’s mass market publisher Funfax when it was acquired by DK. In 2000, he created Priddy Books with John Sargent at St Martin’s Press to create innovative and imaginative titles for children, from first books for babies through early reference titles for older children. Since then, over 30 million copies of Roger’s 200 plus books have sold worldwide, with five of his books―My Big Animal, My Big Truck, Happy Baby Words, Happy Baby Colors and Puppy and Friends―each selling over one million copies. He is also the author of Big Board First 100 Words; Big Board Books Colors, ABC, Numbers; and Bright Baby Noisy Monsters. His creativity has been recognized with numerous industry awards. Priddy lives in London with his wife Zena and their four children.

Sticker Activity ABC: Over 100 Stickers with Coloring Pages (Sticker Activity Fun) Paperback – August 19, 2008 by Roger Priddy (Author) Review

I bought this for my 5-year-old son as an activity for a long flight. As soon as the book arrived I knew it wouldn’t keep his attention for long. The sticker pages aren’t perforated for tearing out of the book (which would be extremely handy). Instead, to get a sticker for page 5, for example, he had to flip to page 11, peel off the sticker, and then go back to page 5. It was too much back and forth for him and he lost interest after 2 stickers. Plus, the binding is very tight and the book doesn’t stay open easily. If the book stayed open easily and the sticker pages were perforated for tearing out of the book, it would be a great sticker book. -Read Reviews-

Its a good book to get your toddler to sit and get busy with. It was very difficult for us to get our 2 year old to just sit down for a couple of minutes instead of running around the house but this did the job. She would pick a sticker and try to search through the book to find where it should be placed. The pictures were mostly of real life images rather than drawings which made it easier for her to identify them and relate to them. It is very educational and helpful in teaching your child about the alphabet. It is organized in a way you can easily go through each of the letters both for the sticker pages and the coloring pages. The book has exactly 109 stickers composed of 26 small letter alphabet, numbers from 1-8 and 75 random pictures representing the letters of the alphabet. Its easy to remove the stickers once they have been used (If just like me you’d like to fix it if your toddler was not able to stick it properly). The only con I would say that I found with this book is that some of the stickers get easily torn if our child tries to take it out on her own specially the big ones. If your done with the sticker activity there is also 12 pages of coloring pages that your toddler could enjoy.

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