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Stella by Starlight Audiobook – Unabridged Sharon M. Draper (Author),

This book is intended for younger readers and is on the competitive reading bowl list for my granddaughters (4th & 5th grade). It touched in so many areas: the depression, race relations, voting rights. A good read for upper elementary school kids (and a good read for me!) Check it out!

Stella by Starlight Audiobook – Unabridged Sharon M. Draper (Author), Review

AExcellent book, however, I feel that the young heroine would have been much more cautious in real life re: the statements she made to white people as she MUST have seen many examples of brutality on the part of whites by the time she had reached her age. She was extraordinarily heroic by diving into the night waters. -Read Reviews-

Stella by starlight is a great book it is about a little girl named Stella and then the Ku klux klan comes along and starts burning houses and burning fields fields then Stella has to go to school help her brother and help her mom when she gets bit by a snake then she has a lot to do then. My favorite part of the book was when Stella had got all those new stuff including a typewritter but you have to read more to find out . I encourage you yo read this book it was really good.

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