Buy “STEELMATE DIY TP-V2 6 External Sensors Anti-theft Model TPMS Professional for TRAILER 6 External Sensors Automotive” Online

STEELMATE DIY TP-V2 6 External Sensors Anti-theft Model TPMS Professional for TRAILER 6 External Sensors

For some reason, we seem to always be running over nails or other sharp objects that create small, slow leaks that get discovered when I am miles away from home or a gas station. My 2003 Lexus did not come with TPMS – and I never did like the factory sensors as they only told you when it was too late that you should check your tires. With this, I am able to see current tire pressure of each tire and monitor them as I drive. Not sure exactly how accurate these sensors are – but they were all within 1-2lbs of my tire gauge – which is good enough for my needs. So far – they continue to work well. They only con is that they are fairly large and give the wheels an odd appearance – though clearly it is an issue of vanity, not function. Check it out!

Brand: STEELMATE Model: TP-V2E Professional DIY TPMS Model for Trailers and Mini Motorhomes KEY FEATURES I. Match with Valve-cap External Sensors 4-wheel or 6-wheel mode available (Default 6 Sensors) II. Mute warning mode available III.Ultra-low tire pressure vehicle available & Operating distance up to 16m IV. Pressure Range Sensors : 0~5.2Bar / 0~75 PSI V. Adjustable threshold value of tire pressure & temperature Note : 1. Please MAKE SURE that the tire pressure of your vehicle within the tire pressure range we advertised for you reference. 2. DIY tire pressure is required a speed over 20kms/h & less than 5mins Or more for in-turn matching! 3. Please Keep High interfere Electronic Products Away, especial area might cause a provisional alert because of the high frequent interference. 4. About Temp monitoring: Only alert if your temp value is too high or too low – 20-+70 / -4-+158

STEELMATE DIY TP-V2 6 External Sensors Anti-theft Model TPMS Professional for TRAILER 6 External Sensors Review

I saw this on the Chris Fix YouTube channel and figured I’d give it a try. Works great and very accurate. I have an 06 GMC Envoy Denali which has the dashboard idiot light for TPMS, but since it doesn’t tell me which tire is low when the light comes on, this is perfect. I have two dashboard power sockets that are hot even when the ignition is off and the TPMS display unit still knows when to turn off. I did find out that you cannot have a draw (cell charger, etc. ) on another power socket to make this feature work however. That’s as simple as pulling out the charger or whatever you have drawing on the other socket just enough to turn off that device and the TPMS display will turn on and off with the car every time. This is a great little unit but there’s a couple of things to keep in mind if you buy. ..not deal breakers, but things to consider. ..the unit is made in China and has no US support to speak of. If you lose a tire monitor, you’re probably looking at a complete replacement system. At $100+ a pop, that’s not cheap, so use the tools it comes with and keep the things tight. They could be subject to theft as well. The tire units are a little larger than a normal valve stem cap, so you may not like how they look on your wheels. I have 18" wheels and the valve stems are recessed a little bit so the cosmetic factor wasn’t much of an issue for me, but it’s still something to consider. Despite its minor drawbacks, this really is a great little system and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to be sure their tires are safely inflated without having to physically break out a pressure gauge all of the time. -Read Reviews-

DIY Anti-theft 6 External Sensors TPMS Special for TRAILERS

All at a Glance Large LCD Display Design – No Repeater Requied

Built to Last Sturdy Structure with Long Battery Life, Convertible Pressure & Temperature Unit To Show

Operating Distance up to 16m (Refer to attention)

Fitting Tire Pressure Range : 2.9~5.2 Bar / 42~75 Psi

Nice packaging, arrived on time, easy to install. Just review manual and check youtube. Install mine with 15-20mins. . No leaks. . Tpms workings right away. Update: 03-14-16Here are some photos, liking this product. .

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