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Station to Station

Alright so I plugged this one into my MacBook and hooked up my monitors to hear the difference. I had bought the earlier CD master for my girlfriend back in December along with all the other Bowie albums as a Christmas gift and she let me keep lossless digital copies. Then I saw this "2016 remastered version" on Amazon and I felt so chumped and figured I would buy it because it must sound way better!Here are the things I noticed. The 2000 master has a higher noise floor. At the start of Station to Station I could hear the white noise come in a lot earlier, and it drowned out the beginning flanger effect a lot more than on the new 2016 remaster. So that’s one update. I also noticed they equalized the masters in the new version to kill that brittle 90s CD sound. The highs are not so sibilant and hard on the ears. They brought the focus back to the whole spectrum of the song, whereas before there was much more hiss and bite. Though at times, this can make the new master sound less detailed, but it is not a big deal. The third thing I noticed was they sound like they brought a subwoofer into the studio so they could master that bottom low end (<50 Hz) for today’s speaker systems. 17 years ago consumer systems didn’t have much lowend at all, we were all playing CDs on our little boom boxes for the most part. But now they have satisfied our need to hear the kick drum actually get kicked. The final thing I noticed was the new masters have a more cohesive sound. There are backing vocals you can hear easier now because it sounds like they brought them more to center stage. The middle frequencies are able to shine now that the high end isn’t overpowering, so you’ll notice more of the actual song, like guitars and vocal harmonies. I would say it’s worth it if you haven’t bought the album on CD already. If you really care about taking full advantage of new mastering tech, go for it. But both still sound great and it may not even be worth the extra $12, and I’m picky about how my albums sound. Who knows if you can even tell the difference on vinyl, it’s top and bottom end get chopped off after mastering to fit the waves on the record. So you probably won’t hear the differences I described on vinyl. Maybe on tape you will, tapes carry the full 20-20 spectrum. I’m pleased with this purchase on CD anyways Check it out!

After the success of the dance hits “Fame” and “Young Americans” (both off 1975’s Young Americans), Bowie seemed to step back, ponder the future of rock, and then turn up the guitars and the art-rock sensibilities and make a completely engaging and evocative album. From the epic title track (introducing the Thin White Duke character and building into an incendiary rocker) to the irresistible “Golden Years” (another dance hit) and on to the physically wrenching and funk-drenched “Stay,” the soul of David Bowie is pretty much meshed into every track. The playful “TVC15” takes the listener on a bumpy ride into unholy tech-love, and the gorgeous “Wild is the Wind” and “Word on a Wing” have Bowie stepping out of his rocker persona and into sensual crooner mode. Strong from beginning to end. –Lorry Fleming




Station to Station Review


It’s never too late to listen to this classic. I am guilty for not paying too much attention to David Bowie before death other than his hits. I bought this album because it was always so loved and praised by his true fans (Which I hope to be considered as one day). Station to Station was weird for me at first, only six songs? And the hit single isn’t even one of my favorites (Golden Years). But once I endured the art piece as a whole, I was changed. Now I know why David Bowie was more than a legend, he was an innovator. It has been 40 years (!?) since it was released and it still sounds timeless!1) Station to Station – Easily 10/10, the title track is honestly my favorite, it’s quirky, its long (10 min), and it feels like 2 or 3 different songs smashed into one. I love the almost 3 minute intro to the chorus, and bridge, this song is such a trip. 2) Golden Years – 10/10 Didn’t like it too much at first but this disco jam grew onto me and it’s easily accessible. 3) Word on a Wing – 10/10; ballad-like song that I can describe as truly BEAUTIFUL. 4) TVC15 – 10000/10 FUNKY. It is one of my favorite songs from the album (#2) and of Bowie’s catalog. 5) Stay – 10/10 – The beginning guitar riffs that rips and punctures throughout the song is what truly makes me love this song. 6) Wild is the Wind 10/10 – It slows down here a bit like in Word on a Wing. The final song of the album and Bowie’s vocals are . .. wow. Phenomenal song. Perfect ending. NO FILTERS, NO FILLERS, NO GIMMICKS, IT IS THE RETURN OF THE THIN WHITE DUKE. RIP Starman <3 -Read Reviews-

Station to station is one album that transcends time. I love STS so much, that purchasing the deluxe edition was a no brainer for me. The two live CDs are beyond amazing. Bowie’s voice is at his best here. Tvc15 never ceases to amaze me. If you are a big bowie fan (chances are, if you are reading this you are) this purchase is totally worth it.

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