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StarCraft - PC/Mac

Do all you need to do for the week before you begin this game. Be ready for the sleepless nights. You will not be able to get yourself off the computer for many hours. This is one of the best real-time strategy games ever. No wonder that Blizzard do not hurry to release StarCraft 2. Besides playing against the computer, you can compete with your friends over the LAN or with the whole world over the Internet. The game is flexible and does not demand a lot of the resources. It will run smoothly on virtually any PC (Windows 95 and newer) or MAC (System 7. 6 or higher). Also, the game runs perfectly well on Windows XP. Check it out!

Product description The ultimate collection of the best-selling strategy games. Enter the universe of Starcraft and experience the future of strategic combat. This exlusive set includes the full version of Blizzard’s blockbuster hit StarCraft and the critically-acclaimed Starcraft Expansion Set: Brood War. StarCraft puts you in charge of a small group of humans exiled to the edge of the galaxy. Your mission is to acquire the resources needed to train and expand your military to defend against the Confederate Nations, who are also battling for control of the galaxy’s precious resources. This game is designed for multiplayer use. See all Product description




StarCraft – PC/Mac Review


It seems only yesterday when my brother and I first played this. Aside from story mode, there are also lots of fun custom battles and you can even create your own campaign. But the campaign editor works only on older Windows computers. It’s more fun when you have the Brood War expansion set with it (and both games have great CGI). -Read Reviews-

Three unique Alien species: The mystic Protoss, the adaptable terrans, the merciless Zerg

Multiple theaters of battle

Revolutionary special effects

Unequaled campaign editor

Intense internet competition

My brother was in the marries, got this for him for xmas and he loved it. Also it came very sharp out of the package.

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