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Starbucks Double Shot, Espresso, Coffee Drink 6.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 4)

I ordered these on a whim to fill up some extra space in my Pantry box actually. Turns out I really like them! They are sweet, but not as sweet as the bottled Frappacinos and these are definitely stronger than the bottled fraps. There is a distinct espresso coffee flavor – sightly bitter at first, but the cream & sugar is there as well and it just sort of works. Who knew coffee in a can could be a good thing? Check it out!

Rich, bold Starbucks espresso, just the right amount of cream and a double dose of ‘done and done’. Doubleshot Espresso is a bold, authentic Starbucks coffee experience you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want

Starbucks Double Shot, Espresso, Coffee Drink 6.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 4) Review

Why did I order this? I’m a caffeine junkie and I love starbucks and coffee. Saw this at a great price in the pantry. no brainer. ..I’m buyingInitial thoughts after I received package? These cans are smaller than I thought they would be. It’s like 3/4ths a redbull can. How was the taste? I drank it straight out of the can and also had a coffee in another, so was double fisting caffeine drinks. The taste was decent enough that I didn’t need any additional flavoring. It’s got an espresso flavor and I was satisfied. Final thoughts? 5 stars baby. I drank one of these this morning when I got to work and was cranking out spreadsheets. if you like coffee and starbucks, buy these. way faster to crack one of these open then start the coffee machine. …I hope that reviewers will read this and please let me know if it was helpful by clicking below as I am trying to write reviews that do help users when considering which items to buy as I always look at reviews before I purchase. -Read Reviews-

In one word – Delicious! I absolutely love these, but for people who haven’t tried them before I will let you know that these are very heavy on cream. I love the fact that it is heavy on cream though because it prevents the bitter taste of espresso! Shake up the can before you open it to make sure it mixes together, and then you will have a delicious beverage (just remember to let it sit for a minute so that you don’t open it and have the drink come shooting out).

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