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Stansport Deluxe Duffel Bag with Shoulder Strap

I bought this primarily to hold a very large cold weather (-20) sleeping bag that I purchased for an upcoming cold weather camping trip. The sleeping bag is pretty massive, heavy, and it doesn’t fit in any of my other gear bags. Searching around here on Amazon brought me to the Stansport Deluxe Duffel bag and it reminded me of an old army bag that I drug around the yard with as a kid. That was a tough old bag that I kept my BB gun and other random adventurous junk in and I figured something like that would do the trick. The price wasn’t bad on Amazon but I went to the Army/Navy surplus store to see if I could find the real deal (used) cheaper. No luck, they actually wanted more for them! That is OK, just a few taps on the phone, before I even leave the store, and this one is one it’s way. I figured it would be cheaper material but I was surprised to see that it actually feels and looks like the ones that I was looking at. This one was actually better because the ones at the surplus store had small holes in them. Anyway, this bag is huge! Not only can I fit my cold weather sleeping bag in here, I can get the air mattress and some extra blankets in too. I’ll be able to have all of the sleeping gear in one bag and this will help with organizing things better too. The bag is plenty robust and is made out of heavy duty 22 oz. cotton canvas. Stitching is well done and the heavyweight hook closure mechanism works perfectly to keep items in the bag and not falling out on the ground. All of the stress points on the bag are reinforced with extra stitching and material to make this bag last. It has the classic military style to it and I am very pleased with the quality and price of the bag. I think I’ll probably be picking up some more of the smaller sized ones for other camping equipment as well. I highly recommend! Check it out!

Stansport Deluxe Duffel Bag with Zipper offers a full length heavy-duty zipper. This zipper style bag offers full compartment access for packing and unpacking of your personal belongings and gear. This bag features extra heavy-duty cotton canvas and stress points that are reinforced for extra durability. Two reinforced cotton webbing handles allow for easy carrying. This military style bag is ideal for travel, camping, gear, storage and more.

Stansport Deluxe Duffel Bag with Shoulder Strap Review

In college I had a military duffel bag that I used to tote my laundry back and forth to the laundromat. Recently I went to the local military surplus store and found that the same duffel that I had used was of lesser quality that what I’d had and the price was higher than I wanted to pay. That led me to look on Amazon and find this Stansport Deluxe Duffel Bag and purchase the largest size available; 50" x 30". When it arrived I was thrilled with the quality and happy I’d made the purchase. As my daughter prepares for high school graduation I’ve been gathering up gifts that I think will be useful to her in college. The cool thing is, now I have a great bag to stuff them in and she too will have the ideal laundry helper as an additional gift!What I like about this product. …+ The largest size (the one I bought) is HUGE! I’m 5’6" and I could stuff myself completely into it. Carrying two sleeping bags with room to spare would be no problem with this bag. + Heavy-duty construction with tough canvas and strong stitching makes me think this will last a long time with hard use. + The handles and strap are right where you need ’em!+ The price is incredible for a bag of such great quality. I would have expected to pay twice as much. +/- The black color does show scuff marks, so it will look weathered quicklly. +/- You may want to spray it with a water-repellent spray if moisture is a concern for you. +/- The largest size is really, really big, and when loaded it may be way too heavy for some to carry. Maybe go a size down if your load will be a heavy one?I would not hesitate to recommend this bag and probably will buy more to give as gifts. Ideal for college students, campers, and athletes the Stansport Deluxe Duffel Bag with Shoulder Strap is just what I was looking for at the right price!NOTE: The color of the bag and the size vary the price. I found that the 42" size in olive was about eighteen dollars, so I picked up a few to give as graduation gifts for my daughter’s friends. Totally worth it!———————————————————–UPDATE: 8/20/16: I was able to fit 5 jumbo sized vacuum bags filled with 4 sets of Twin XL sheets, 4 bath towels, 4 hand towels, 6 wash cloths, 1 rug, 1 body pillow, 1 terry robe, 2 throw pillows, 4 standard bed pillows with shams, 1 Full sized quilt, and 2 throw blankets – into this bag! It weighed about 50 pounds by the time I was finished, but it was a fantastic way to contain a lot of stuff when moving my daughter into her dorm. ————————————————————————————————- -Read Reviews-

100% Cotton

Duffel bag. Ideal for long hiking trips. Cotton-web shoulder strap and handle offer easy transport.

Crafted with heavy-duty cotton canvas. Reinforced stress points for extra durability.

We wanted to take some camping mats with us on a trip and needed a way to minimize how much checked luggage we were using, this worked beautifully! The dimensions are exactly as listed (50×30 inch). The material is a very durable canvas that was thick enough we had no reason to believe it might tear or wear out quickly. The size was enough to hold two camping mats and the clothes/misc. goods for three people. This is within American Airlines checked baggage limit and did NOT cause any oversized baggage fees. The reason for the loss of a star is simple, the strap! The shoulder strap only goes from the top to the top 1/3 – 1/2 of the bag forcing you to hold it almost upright making it very inconvenient to carry! The design would be greatly improved if the shoulder strap went from the top to the bottom 1/3 so you could actually put it up on your back and not have to pretty much drag it along upright. If this bag weren’t perfect for our needs and so sturdy and easy to wash the inconvenience alone in trying to carry it would have warranted taking off two stars. Also, a simple carabiner was effective in holding to top together so it didn’t accidentally come open and leave clothes behind during transport while still allowing access if the bag needed to be checked. A good purchase but really hate the strap.

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