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Stanley 60-100 10 Piece Standard Fluted Screwdriver Set (5 Pack)

Sorry but these screwdrivers suck. The grips are hard on your hands and don’t give you good leverage, the coating on the bits tips peels off after the first use, and the assortment of sizes leaves alot to be desired. I have bought drivers at 99 cent stores that are much higher quality. Extremely disappointing from a company like Stanley, who makes one of my favorite toolbags of all time. Save your money and buy a better set. Check it out!


Stanley 60-100 10 Piece Standard Fluted Screwdriver Set (5 Pack) Review

Broke the first time I used it. Other ones are flaking. … There is a metal coating that is coming off every time I use it -Read Reviews-

Brand-new, retail-packaged Stanley 10 Piece Screwdriver Set

Standard fluted screwdriver set features ten popular Phillips, slotted, stubby and pocket screwdrivers to satisfy a wide range of fastening needs

Heat treated, alloy steel blades with rust resistant nickel-plated bar; ergonomic, tri-lobular, slip-resistant handles

Hardened tips give non-slip fit for use on even the most stripped screws

(5) 10 Piece Screwdriver Sets

This set does not seem to fit the screw heads (yes, verified proper size) very well. There seems to be a slight gap and they do not feel comfortable to use for us. Otherwise, they work OK for most things. Just not going to be my go-to set when a lot of torque may be required. We will stick with our Husky or Craftsman set for now.

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