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Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

Good little air hockey table. Ours came with no visible defects and set up in a few minutes. The power setup is a little cheesy, as others have mentioned–no on-off switch, and a somewhat short cord. The fan effectively floats the puck. The rim is a little dead, but this is a plus on a small table as it’s better for kids and reduces the puck flying off the table. The strikers do not float like the ones on a commercial table. Good system for kids and for small areas. Check it out!

The Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table is fun and exciting for people of all ages and sizes. Electric-powered to maintain even and continuous airflow, this compact tabletop version offers the excitement of a fast and smooth gliding air hockey game for your home, office, or community center. Made with high quality wood for durability, this table can be moved, packed, or stored easily for families with limited space. Play hard without harming your floors, tabletops, and other furniture because the HX40 has non marking rubber pads on its feet to prevent scratches. The goal boxes easily return the puck and have manual scorers above to keep track of who is winning the game. Comes complete with an AC adapter, two fast-action round pucks, and two plastic strikers.

Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table Review

This is a very good value – we paid about 1/2 msrp. Disregard any comments that this is only for toddlers – it’s very large for a tabletop game – it barely fits across our dining room table. I play with my 8 year old and he loves it. The air works surprisingly well. We had one of the smaller ones and it was terrible and we threw it away. -Read Reviews-

Table top design for added portability and convenient storage

High-output fan provides smooth surface for fast action

Quick and easy assembly

Two pucks and two pushers provided

Goal boxes with manual scorers

Most importantly, my grandchildren (8, 10 and 11 AND their parents!) loved it last Christmas and it still holds up!

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