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Spamilton is a joyous musical parody, in love with what it mocks, and it is a very funny show currently breaking box office records in New York. The musical theatre phenomenon Hamilton, and its geniused creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Is the object of its witty ridicule-not the musical itself, but the phenomenon, the brand “Hamilton” that has taken on a life of its own: the hopeless quest for tickets. The speculation about the film version, and most of all, the Revolution-not the political one in the 18th century, but the one on show business. Written and directed by Gerard Alessandrini the creator of Forbidden Broadway in all twenty-five editions (all previously recorded by DRG Records). Those shows are usually scathing in their humor. Unlike this one. Although an affectionate tribute to the world of musical theater is always the point: “Raise a glass to Broadway/And that’s the story of tonight.” If you’re a Hamilton fan-or just a musical theater fan- don’t miss listening to this album!

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Absolutely hysterical. My wife and I both love this cd. If you liked Hamilton or the Forbidden Broadway shows, you have to get this.

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