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Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier Audible – Unabridged Neil deGrasse Tyson (Author),

. ..especially if you know what you are getting. This is a collection of interviews, essays, editorials and missives by Tyson, who I consider to be a phenomenal communicator. This is not a book but a collection of his positions on space, NASA, politics, and science, etc., These individual components are loosely organized by theme, but there is a redundancy throughout the book, which is exactly what you would expect. This is NDT telling us why we should be excited about further exploration of space, and laying out the reasons in many different formats. It is (in this sense) repetitive because his message is consiostent and often certain events are cited repeatedly throughout the book. However, his message, even repetitively stated, is compelling, inspiring, and beautifully delivered. NDTs passion is obvious and his true gift, making these complex topics accessible to lay public, is what makes this book a fun read. It will stimulate reflection, conversation and debate. And this is GOOD!!The book gets a 5, but the audiobook loses some stardust and gets a 4. A warning, and the ONLY reason this gets four insted of five stars. If (like me) you bought the kindle version and listened to some of it via audiobook, take heed. The narrator of the Audible product is (unfortunately) not Tyson, but someone who is a little robotic and who has a tendency to mispronounce just enough of the words to approach "Oh. ..come on" status. Examples: Anton Von Leowenhoek’s name, Jai Alai, tertiary, Xenon and Saturn "Vee" (as opposed to Saturn V, as in five) all drove me crazy when repeatedly pronounced incorrectly. Knowing Dr. Tyson’s respect for language, I suspect he too would cringe at these pronunciations. Check it out!

Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier Audible – Unabridged Neil deGrasse Tyson (Author), Review

NDT is a luminary, not just in astrophysics, but in the lost art of thinking. In a world of agendas and vested interests, NDT pens a cogent argument for why we as a species need to work together in the development of the humanities, science and evolution into the future. Of all the ails which beset Man, I believe a lack of education underpins them all. In a world of useless religious fervor, reality television and biased media, this book invites the reader to be part of something that’s worth fighting for. -Read Reviews-

I bought this book solely on a conversation I heard on a talk show from Neil Degrasse Tyson. The man was fascinating. As I read the book I wasn’t disappointed. I love books that link together time, places and events that you may or may not have realized were going on in the background. Another such book if your interested is the Dream Machine that outlines the history of the PC industry in a similar way to the Video Triumph of the Nerds only in more detail. It’s not a Kindle Ebook but worth the read. Check it out at the following link. My two problems with this book as there was no obvious flow to the chapters. In My Humble Opinion it appears that they just simply took a bunch of writings and interviews and slapped them together in a sort of Greatest Hits of Neil Tyson. Also if you anticipating more be forewarned that the entire last 40% of the book was the laws and articles that created NASA as a space agency. Lots of legal Jargon and he references it a bit in the book so a handy reference but I bought the book to read what Neil had to say. Everyone of the chapters is filled with fascinating facts and observations. Neil has a unique way of boiling the entire Universe into something you can get your head around which is no small feat for my tiny brain pan. But every chapter had something in it that was repeated multiple times throughout the book. If I had two star ratings I would have given it 5 stars for content and only 2 for structure and flow. Trust me on this. I’m an Engineer and no English Teacher so if it was distracting to someone like me then a true book snob would tear it appart. In fact I admired the random out of the box nature of his observations a great deal. It just made it harder to read for someone without A.D.D.

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