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I have not listened to it, but my daughter says she really likes it. -Read Reviews-

By 1993, Taylor Dayne’s shift to soul was complete, although Ric Wake’s sound isn’t as crucial here. Despite his producing or co-producing five songs, remix master Shep Pettibone and Clivilles and Coles (C & C Music Factory) do justice in giving her a newer sound. Further good news: there are more ballads for Taylor’s voice to exercise emotional lung power, which she does better on this album. The first evidence of Taylor’s new sound comes from the Pettibone–produced and co-written "I’ll Wait", which features held down wall of sound organ-synth a la Pet Shop Boys in some parts, while the funky bass and soul flavour pepper the chorus. Her voice has gone beyond her previous effort, Can’t Fight Fate. A ballad so early? Great! "Send Me A Lover", produced by Humberto Gatica. This is a medium-intensity power ballad, with a sound similar to Aerosmith’s "What It Takes", though not as raucous. Her cover of the recently-departed Barry White’s "Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love" is a retread, duplicating the classic disco of the original, which may explain why it stalled in the Top 40, but her husky voice does the song justice. The mid-paced "Dance With A Stranger" is a cross between Berlin’s "Take My Breath Away", mimicking the synthesizer, with rhythmic bits from Kim Carnes "Bette Davis Eyes. ""I Could Be Good For You" was penned by Diane Warren, where given the innate loving characterShep Pettibone puts his 80’s disco flavour on "Say A Prayer" and the title track. Honestly, it’s Taylor’s potent voice and some above average synth arrangements that puts this head over another Shep Pettibone-produced album, Madonna’s impersonal and freeze-dried Erotica. "The Door To Your Heart" is the other Diane Warren song and it gives Keith Washington another heartfelt ballad, the first being his collaboration with Kylie Minogue in "If You Were With Me Now. ""Someone Like You" is typical dance filler going through the motions, but that’s followed by "Memories", a great soul ballad enhanced by a gospelish backing vocals from Taylor and Lotti Golden. The closing ballad "If You Were Mine" was produced by Narada Michael Walden, and giving her Whitney Houston-type gospelish sound does her justice. Her voice rings out the best here. A shift from total reliance from one producer, two great Diane Warren songs, more soulful ballads, and a classic disco cover really helps Taylor Dayne outdo her previous release, Can’t Fight Fate. Lyrically, nothing memorable, the usual love cliches, but they are enhanced by Taylor’s improved voice. A pity this album wasn’t highly regarded. Oh, and the entire sleeve unfolds to reveal a full-sized portrait of Taylor. Nice touch. Rating: 4. 3 out of 5.

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