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Sony KV32S66 32" Trinitron TV (gray)

I bought this TV in a store while it was playing the same DVD that several other competitive TV brands were playing. .. all the TVs were pretty good, but only the Sony was consistently sharp in all colors, tones and lighting conditions of footage shown. I thought about spending the extra $400 for a 36", but a tape measure revealed that the extra diagonal 4" translated to only 1. 5" in additional width and since I was going to be watching a lot of letter boxed movies via DVD, the width was more important than the height. .. not to mention, the 32" is more affordable!I have a truck and had the guys at the retail store put it in my truck and I drove home with it. .. the thing was so heavy, I literally couldn’t slide the box one inch along the smooth surface of the truck bed. My best friend’s husband came over and nearly broke his back moving it. Getting the white glove delivery as described here on Amazon is well worth the extra $99. The guy who moved it for me estimated that the TV weighs about 250lbs. This is not something you want to attempt to move unless you do it professionally. The sides are slick and there is nothing to grab, so even 2 people moving it doesn’t make it much easier. The only reason I gave this TV 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the enormous dimensions when compared to other 32" TVs. The TV is almost 26" deep and too big to fit in 99% of armoirs designed to accomodate 32" TVs. There is a raw furniture place here in town and even though they do custom work, I still had to get the armoir for a 36" TV to accomodate the depth of this set, leaving a lot of empty space on each side of the set. Perhaps it’s the depth and weight that make this set so superior in picture quality. .. I really don’t know, but it’s inconvenient to accomodate. It’s a big TV but not one you’d want to place directly on the floor like a "big screen"/rear-projection set. If you’re debating between a 27" and a 32", there is simply no comparison. You can have a group of friends over to watch movies on the big set without having people move their chairs closer and closer to the set to make out what’s going on. I sit back about 12′ away from this set and it is crystal clear. DVDs look awesome on it. The picture is clear enough to be entertaining to my dogs who watch nature shows all day long. .. they are typically sitting down and staring at the set, waiting to bark at the next animal that walks, crawls or flies across the screen. Check it out!

Sony’s KV-32S66 32-inch TV features the Trinitron picture tube, a digital comb filter, and the Dynamic Picture processor for enhanced picture quality with high resolution and minimum dot-crawl distortion. The CRT amplifier provides better high-frequency response in black levels for darker, more definitive lines at the higher end of the video spectrum.The 181-channel tuner incorporates picture-in-picture technology with freeze memo, Program Palette presets (vivid, standard, and movie) for customized viewing, and a trilingual onscreen menu (English, Spanish, and French) for easy setup and programming.The TV is prepped with two sets of audio-video jacks, an S-Video input, and two composite-video inputs, enabling you to connect a number of home entertainment source components. S-Link control means you can connect the TV to other Sony home entertainment equipment for seamless operation. Matrix Surround sound creates a cinematic experience using the pair of front-firing speakers. The Sony KV-32S66 also utilizes MTS decoding with dbx noise reduction for stereo reception.V-chip parental control lets you monitor what your children watch. Extended Data Service (XDS) displays the time, station call letters, and program information, where available. Other convenient features include SnapShot screen freeze, a programmable sleep timer, high-speed scanning, a favorite-channel file, and automatic volume leveling, which keeps sound levels consistent during commercial breaks or when you are changing channels. A universal illuminated remote control is included.Sony offers a warranty of one year for parts (two years for the picture tube) and 90 days for labor for the KV-32S66.




Sony KV32S66 32" Trinitron TV (gray) Review


Like most Sony TVs, this heavy behemoth does not know the meaning of quit. Despite numerous moves (and using commercial movers), multiple inputs and general age, this TV keeps putting out a clear, high quality picture–even though it isn’t high def. The Picture-in-Picture feature and built-in tuner are just icing on the cake. -Read Reviews-

32-inch Trinitron TV with digital comb filter

2-tuner picture-in-picture with favorite-channel access

MTS stereo tuning with dbx noise reduction and Matrix Surround sound

2 rear audio-video inputs and a rear S-video input

Includes illuminated joystick remote control

this high a price is not worth the TV. they just don’t match. it is a good tv, the glare is minimized, the picture is clear, but it is the same as other TV’s of this type, but for $250 more. Be a smart shopper and look around, like i should have

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