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Sony DVP-S330 DVD Player

After researching the available players available, I wanted to buy the best that I could get for the least amount of money. While I bought this player used, I only paid under $30 for it including shipping. This DVD player has worked beautifully since I have had it with no problems of out-of-synch voice. While this player does so much more than just play DVD’s, I have not yet experimented with those aspects. But for the main purpose of viewing movies, I got a tremendous bargain with the much more expensive brand name of Sony attached to it. This player sold originally for over $200. 00! Wow! I love it! If it conks out down the road, I still got my money’s worth. Check it out!

Product Description DVD Player with 5.1 digital output. Multibrand Remote. First Sony helped create the DVD format. Then it introduced the DVD player critics hailed as “the reference standard.” Now Sony releases its most affordable DVD player yet–the DVP-S330. This player is compatible with DVD, audio CD, and video CD formats and contains Sony’s precision drive system with active tilt control. In addition, this high-quality DVD contains SmoothScan high-speed picture search and SmoothSlow slow-motion forward and reverse.




Sony DVP-S330 DVD Player Review


it is used, and no remote -Read Reviews-

Dolby Digital and DTS digital output

10-bit video DAC with 27 MHz processing

Coaxial and optical digital-audio outputs

CD Text and DVD Text display with compatible discs

Multibrand remote control (TV and receiver)

So cool! Soooo much better than vhs (you already know that). Lots of funtions with a good programmable remote. I love this thing, the frame by frame is dope, two fast foreword/back speeds. All kinds of setup manipulation etc. Blows doors on the DVD plaver on my PC as far as funtionality. I watch it through the Sony 27" KV-2727S46, BAMM!!!

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