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Sony CCDTRV87 Hi8 Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

I have used this camera for about 100 hours now. I have used and figured out 99% of the special features. Pros: Many special effects such as: infrared, black and white, cartoon like effect, and a couple others. It also has 16:9 recording but distorts the picture when recording. It has an excellent playback speaker when watching videos you have already taken on the 2. 5 " LCD screen. It also has about 5 digital effects such as slow shutter or flashing pictures. The photo option lets you create a slide show easily and allows you to use the fade features such as overlap really easily. The battery that came with the camera lasts me about 1. 8 hours using the LCD screen and about 2 hours using the black and white viewfinder. This is a surprise, because I thought it would only last an hour with the LCD screen. This camera also lets you record TV just like a VCR which is a nice feature if you like to edit videos. I also like the feature that lets you put words on the screen as you record. The stereo sound recording on this camera is great. The LCD screen is also crystal clear and is easily big enough to see what your recording. Cons: Grainy picture in low light condition. However, if you use the light on the camera, it drastically improves the grainy picture. The zoom gets really pixely at anything zoomed in more than about 180 times. The camera is larger and heavier than the new digital ones. The manual focus can also be tough to work but it isn’t too bad. This is an excellent camera. I would recommend it over the digital ones just because you get a lot more features for your money and the quality of the picture isn’t all that different. Check it out!

The Sony CCD-TR87 offers image stabilization, a 2.5-inch swivel LCD screen, and Laser Link output. It records in Hi8 video format and uses a 0.25-inch CCD with 470,000 pixel pickup. This camera also provides a 20x optical/360x digital zoom to bring you closer to the action. The new NightShot with slow-shutter feature improves picture quality in the NightShot mode, allowing you to capture infrared images in total darkness (0 lux).Audio features include high-fidelity stereo recording and output as well as a built-in speaker for added convenience. The Sony CCD-TRV87 also offers six-mode program autoexposure and an array of fader and picture effects. Equipped with Sony’s Laser Link feature, you can just aim the Sony CCD-TRV87 at the LaserLink receiver on select Sony TVs from up to 16 feet away, press “Play,” and enjoy your videos directly on your TV–without wires or cassette adapters.Other convenient features of the Sony CCD-TRV87 include a built-in video light, Control-L (LANC) editing interface, 16:9 widescreen recording, edit search, and end search. With a rechargeable InfoLithium battery that features an AccuPower meter, this camcorder offers a long recording time.




Sony CCDTRV87 Hi8 Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review


This camcorder was introduced in 1999, which was in essence the “high water” mark year of the Sony analog camcorder line. Digital — which had been introduced by Sony years earlier — took over the “top of the line” position the following year, which led Sony to simultaneously begin “cheapening” the Hi8 analog machines (in an attempt to drive the “bells and whistles crowd” to the more profitable digital camcorders). This meant stereo sound disappeared from the Hi8s in 2000, as did flying erase heads, digital special effects and photo mode. Being the Hi8 line leader the previous year — before that cheapening began — the TRV87 is therefore Sony consumer analog video at its best, crammed with every feature Sony ever put into that format. It’s all here — the Hi8XR format (440 lines of vertical resolution, which in side to side comparison with DV’s 500 lines is almost impossible to differentiate), LCD viewing, digital special effects, on-board lighting, Super Nightshot, photo mode, full titling, a wide range of pre-programmed exposure modes, goes on and on. Yes, granted, the chassis is that classic “handful” TRV size, so this Sony isn’t quite as cute and sexy as those teeny current DV palmcorders – but it provides video that is just as good, and costs a lot, lot less. This machine is destined to be a classic, in the same category as the infamous Sony TR101 (their first serious Hi8 machine from almost a decade earlier). -Read Reviews-

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Hi8 camcorder with remote

2.5-inch swivel color LCD

20x optical, 360x digital zoom

High-fidelity stereo audio with a built-in speaker

NightShot 0-lux shooting and SteadyShot image stabilization

Ok, I have owned this camcorder for about 3 weeks and it has performed very well so far. The quality of the picture is very good. The high quality of the night shot picture in total darkness was a big surprise. For 50 bucks the infared hookup to the tv or vcr was a good choice. I wish the LCD screen could be a bit bigger, 2. 5 is a little small. 3 inch would have been better. A word of advice, If you get the camera from somewhere other than a Ciurcut City or Best Buy type store you can get a very good three year extended warranty for ALOT less than a big chain store. Don’t kid yourself, these cameras will break and a one year standard warranty is not enuogh to cover your approx. $1000 investment.

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