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Sony BDV-E2100 3D Smart Blu-ray Home Theater System (Certified Refurbished)

I purchased this unit with the hopes of completing the movie experience I created in the basement of my home. To say I am satisfied with my purchase is an understatement. Not only was it delivered in 2 days (after it was projected to be a week), but it was well packaged, the speakers and the system unit all looked brand new. No defects of any kind. Now, on to the performance:As someone had stated in an earlier review, the rear surround speakers speaker wire is shorter than you’d like. I too had to purchase some speaker wire to extend the length. Don’t worry, you can find a good spool of it at Radio Shack for less than $10. Splice them together and you’ll be in business and it will work like a charm. Once I got everything set up, wires hidden, it came time to do the set up. Now, one of the things that will really make the difference in sound is making sure you take the time to adjust the volume of each speaker for sound output. You can find that in the menu selection on the home screen. But you want to make sure you balance it well so that it gives you the true surround experience you need. And don’t be afraid to adjust them, you can always set them back if you need to. You’ll want to experiment with it until you get the sound just like you want it. Also, when you are in your sound settings, make sure that you select Dolby Pro Logic, DTS6:Cinema or DTS6:Music. Anything else will not give you the surround sound experience so keep that in mind if you aren’t hearing the surround sound. Once I took the time to get the sound just right, it was time to bring my wife downstairs. When sounds started coming from behind her, she initially jumped thinking something was behind her, LOL. That’s when I knew, I got it right. . Trust me guys, you couldn’t make a better purchase. Take some time to play with the settings a bit, get it like you really want it and I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed! Hope my review helps! Check it out!

With the Sony 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System (model BDVE2100) you can watch sports events or your favorite movies in vivid high-definition or in 3D, and enjoy powerful, immersive sound. Using built-in Wi-Fi, you can also stream music and movies from media websites. If you want to play the music collection of your smartphone or other device through the system’s speakers, Bluetooth technology allows a wireless streaming connection. USB devices can be connected to access their media as well. Just about any wireless device on your home network can be accessed using the 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System so you can show a photo slide show or home videos on your TV screen. If your favorite songs don’t sound as good as they used to, Digital Music Enhancer can help restore their quality. A remote control is included to access the system’s many functions.

Sony BDV-E2100 3D Smart Blu-ray Home Theater System (Certified Refurbished) Review

The system was delivered to our place early yesterday (way ahead of schedule). The sound quality is fantastic – i tried a few mp3 files (from usb stick) and an audio cd. You can play popular video formats like MKV, AVI, MP4 from a usb stick or hard drive without any issues (doesn’t support the new HEVC x265 format though). I have not tried a blu-ray disc yet (i have to rent one from Redbox) but dvds work perfectly. -Read Reviews-

1,000W 5.1-channel 3D Blu-ray disc home theater system

Sony DVD Home Theater System includes Built-in Wi-Fi

Full HD 1080p: Upscale standard DVDs to near HD quality

Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth devices with just 1 touch. ANALOG AUDIO INPUT: PIN JACK (1), ETHERNET CONNECTION (1), HDMI IN/OUT (0/1), OPTICAL AUDIO INPUT (1), USB INPUT (1 Front), USB Keyboard

Full range bass reflex speaker system and 6.3″ subwoofer

This Refurbished Home Theater system sounds very good for the price I paid. The Blu-Ray player is working great. Have it hooked up to my RCA HD projection TV in the basement family room. Made some minor adjustment to the length of the rear speaker wires, but other than that set up was easy. I would recommend this for anyone on a budget.

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