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Songs To Grow On For Mother And Child

Woody’s children’s songs are treasures of childhood, and reflections of their writer’s heart. Simple and true to this day of the genuine spirit and wonder of a child, they embody the joy in daily delights of meals, swimming, pajamas, and nature. It’s very easy to picture Woody singing these to his own children, and no matter the age of the child in your heart or in your home, they are a sure delight. Check it out!

Product Description Beautifully remastered vintage recordings with vocals, acoustic guitar, and rattles. Includes counting songs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and One Day Old, playful songs Wash-y Wash and Pick It Up, and songs of adoration Little Sugar and Eat You Up. “Songs meant for you to sing with your children as parents have done for generations.” – Long Island Parenting News Woody Guthrie offered some sage advice in his liner notes to this collection of children’s tunes. “Don’t just buy this record and take it home so your kids can listen to it while you go off and do something else,” the legendary folksinger counsels. Folk-music fans won’t find it difficult to follow those directions. First released in 1956, Songs to Grown On, with its infectious spirit, is likely to prove irresistible to mom, pop, and 4- to 6-year-old tot alike. The likes of “Grassy Grass Grass,” “Swimmy Swim,” and “Wash-y Wash Wash” (detecting a trend here?) are as spontaneous and nonsensical as baby babble, and almost as delightful. So do as Woody suggested: pull up a chair and a kid or two and enjoy. –Steven Stolder




Songs To Grow On For Mother And Child Review


Goofy and fun. Couldn’t be more popular with my kids. Doesn’t drive me nuts. Songs topics are helpful when it’s time to clean up, wash hands, go to sleep, etc. -Read Reviews-

This is the best children’s cd I’ve come accross so far.

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