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Songs That Got Us Through WWII

Even though these songs were before my time, I have developed such a deep affinity for them over the years. It’s incredible that they’ve been assembled in one package. I am truly grateful for that fact, and more so for the message contained within these songs. The lyrics actually speak to the listener, as do the melodies. Maybe it’s a function of our times that I’m finding solace in music that accompanied that "greatest generation". I just know that I need this collection in my life, and my hat is off to the maker. Check it out!

A collection of the most popular music relating to the Big One, featuring many of the 1940s’ most popular artists.

Songs That Got Us Through WWII Review

More than twenty years after this compilation was first released, it remains in print. That’s a testament to the love of the music of the World War II era. Rhino Records has done an excellent job of licensing songs from a variety of sources (MCA, BMG, Capitol, CBS, among others). The album kicks off The Andrews Sisters’ “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” which was also featured in the 1941 Abbott & Costello film “Buck Privates. ” And for the next hour, fans are treated to classics by the likes of both Dorsey brothers, Johnny Mercer, Duke Ellington, and a host of others. While “I’ll Walk Alone” is not the No. 1 version recorded by Dinah Shore, the equally excellent version included here by Martha Tilton hit No. 4 on the charts. As other reviewers have pointed out, there were bigger hits by many of this artists; but that simply means that this collection doesn’t duplicate the same songs ad nauseum. [If you’re looking for a collection of mostly No. 1 hits from this era, look for the individual year “Hit Parade” releases. ]I use this collection (along with a handful of others) as background music when my high school sophomores study John Knowles’ novel “A Separate Peace. ” It helps immerse them in the culture of World War II. Finally, Rhino has been one of the most respected reissue labels for nearly forty years. This ensures that each track is the original recording by the original artist and taken from the best source material available. Yes, there is some audible “crackle” on “Comin’ in on a Wing and a Prayer,” but otherwise these are all pristine recordings of songs that are nearly seventy years old. In addition, the 12-page booklet contains an essay by compiler Billy Vera as well as black-and-white photos and brief biographies on many of the artists. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED [Running time – 54:54] -Read Reviews-

My parents sang all of these songs at home while we were cleaning house. These songs bring back both wonderful and tragic memories. I have given this to several of my family that had to get through WW II and my Father-in-Law in England. Everyone was riveted to their CD player and even shed tears the first time they played it. I loved it!

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