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Something to Remember

This Album doesn’t include Madonna’s hit songs, such as Like a Virgin, Borderline, Vogue, Papa Don’t Preach, etc etc. If you want those songs, get the Immaculate Collection. This Album offers so much more, even though I’m not a fan of Compilation Album’s, this one is simply so amazing. The album offers Madonna’s more lyrical, heart touching, and emotional songs. Even though I’m crazy about her dance music, and everything else, her emotional tracks will always be my favorites. This album includes a few exclusives you can’t get on her other albums, such as You’ll See, I’ll Remember, One More Chance; and it also includes her most lyrical songs from her past albums, like Take a Bow, Live to Tell, and my favorite song from her, Oh Father. The songs are so amazing, it includes just about every underrated song from her past albums, as well as a few new great track’s. I have absolutely no problem with the music, its amazing. The lyrics for each song are so deep and meaningful. My personal favorites from this album are Oh Father, You’ll See, One More Chance, and This Used to be my Playground. If you’re a casual Madonna fan, purchase it. If you’re a core Madonna fan, you probably already own this and are looking at other review’s to see who else has good taste in this world. :), My only issue with this album is I wish it included Till Death Do us Part from Like a Prayer instead of Forbidden Love, but that’t not even an issue really. The album is genius, it shows Madonna’s more lyrical side, and how underrated she can be. This album is completely genius, and a must own. Check it out!

Product Description Out of print in the U.S.! Import pressing of this 1995 ballads collection from the Pop/Dance diva, which focuses on her sentimental side. Something To Believe in is a must-have for fans since it contains three new tracks plus two tracks previously unavailable on her albums (‘This Used To Be My Playground’ and ‘I’ll Remember’). 14 tracks total. Warner. It didn’t take the postmotherhood Ray of Light to prove that Madonna is a big softie; this collection of ballads and slow jams had already done that. Somewhat confused in intention–the scalding ache of "Oh Father," a 1989 song for her own dad, is shoved between the sex of "Rain" and a version of Marvin Gaye’s "I Want You"–this is nonetheless a highly listenable album for those who dig Madonna for her music as much as for her cultural significance. –Rickey Wright




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Sound not so good. -Read Reviews-

Best Madonna collection of easy listening music.

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