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Solid Gold Hits [Vinyl]

This is a great compilation. ..HOWEVER The MP3 Version of the album that it came with (was not in need of it but if I was, i’d be pretty upset, still kind of am. ) Was the censored versions of the songs. … Very annoying radio edits, and one was even time compressed, if played side by side with the vinyl track it was sped up about 10% and you could hear the chipmunk-esk voices if you listened for it. …AND one had too high of compression, and blipped and booped in the middle of the MP3, and the audio was a bit "crystalized" I guess you’d say, it sounded weird and had a glitch so it sucked. I would NOT recommend the MP3 version, but the vinyl was boss. We all miss ya MCA Check it out!

The Beastie Boys had a good hits compilation in 1999 with the double-disc set the Sounds of Science. SOLID GOLD HITS is considerably more concise than the previous compilation, spanning just one disc and containing a mere 15 songs compared to the 42 on Sounds. So, for listeners who are just looking for the big hits, this serves its purpose quite well, since this may be missing many great songs – and not just album tracks or early singles like “She’s on It,” but charting hits like “Paul Revere” – but it does have all of their anthems, including “Fight for Your Right,” “Brass Monkey,” “Hey Ladies,” “Shake Your Rump,” “So What’cha Want,” “Sabotage,” “Sure Shot,” “Intergalactic,” and “Body Movin’,”

Solid Gold Hits [Vinyl] Review

Obviously this record is awesome. -Read Reviews-


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