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So I Married An Axe Murderer

Charlie (Mike Myers) wants lasting love, but is also terrified of getting hurt. To protect himself, he invents excuses to break up with women before they can hurt him. For example, he dumps one woman because he figures if she’s unemployed, she must be in the mafia. When he dates Harriet (Nancy Travis), his excuse this time is believing she’s the infamous Mrs. X : an axe murderer who murders her husband on their honeymoon. However, as more evidence incriminates Harriet, you wonder if this time, Charlie might be right. This is my favorite Mike Myers role. He’s funny throughout, especially when he’s doing the ridiculous ballet dance for Hariet yelling "Nadia!" at her, when he sings the Hariet song, and also when he’s playing Charlie’s dad. "Head! Move!"The rest of the cast are a delight as well, from the disillusioned cop to Harriet’s weird sister. There’s a good soundtrack, too. Overall, this is a fun and funny movie that ends on a sweet note. Check it out!

Comedy sensation Mike Myers stars with Nancy Travis in this hatchet-driven romantic comedy about a wedlock-shy coffee house poet who finally meets the perfect woman. When it comes to love, Charlie Mackenzie (Myers) has had his share of bad luck: Sherrie was a klepto-Charlie still can’t find his cat. Jill was unemployed-but Charlie knew she really worked for the Mafia. Pam smelled like soup-beef vegetable soup. Good thing for Charlie these shortcomings became apparent, if only to him. Good thingfor Charlie he discovered the truth before things went too far-before he stumbled into MARRIAGE! Because to Charlie the “M” word is just one step away from the fate foretold in that chilling phrase: “Till death do us part.” When Charlie meets Harriet Michaels (Travis) everything changes. Harriet’s not like the others. She’s smart, sexy, and crazy about Charlie. This time Charlie is determined to overcome the fears that sabotaged his past relationships. This time, he’s ready for some commitment.Su




So I Married An Axe Murderer Review


A very funny movie with Mike Myers playing as usual, a few characters. He thinks he may have met the woman of his dreams, until he reads in "the newspaper" about "Mrs. X" an axe murderer. -Read Reviews-

One of Mike Myers best movies. It is clever and has a twist at the end. It also has some fantastic Stephen Wright humor.

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