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So Far

well I guess I’m not a reviewer. I notice that there are some very impressive journalist types here with lots to say on lots of topics. So just let me say that I was at the Altimont concert in like 1971. better known as the Stones concert, western Woodstock, whatever. No album made from that disaster. I refer you to the movie "Gimme Shelter". AHA! you say; there’s no mention of CSNY playing that day/night. Well boys n’ girls here’s why. CSNY kicked the Stones ass! Steven Stills kept imploring the roadies to turn up Neil’s mike! when you hear "Tin Souldiers" you are hearing the 70’s shift into high gear. Don MacClean sang about the Stones performance. "When I saw him on the stage I held my hands in fists of rage". I got a ticket on the way home for riding on the trunk of a Mustang going 70 mph down the freeway. My friend Jim McDonald got run over by a car at the concert while he lay in his sleeping bag, choppered out to the hospital. Those were the daze. Check it out!

Product Description The early best by the vocal supergroup who emerged as the “voice of a generation” after their storied Woodstock performance. Suite: Judy Blues Eyes and the classic hits Our House; Woodstock; Ohio , and Teach Your Children join Helpless; Wooden Ships , and more! It’s tempting to follow the post-Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young career of Neil Young and underestimate this early band as a lighter, commercial diversion. But their fourth album, a concise retrospective of highlights, remains a sweeping ’60s document, full of pastoral optimism and the virtues of (even today) spectacular-sounding harmonies. These songs continue to dominate AOR radio, and the best–the searing "Ohio" (written after the Kent State massacre), the utopian "Woodstock," and the ominous, graceful "Wooden Ships," the band’s best performance–have an artful, mystical sweetness. –Roy Francis Kasten




So Far Review


What can you say about a greatest hits album that’s 40 years old. I love the front cover with Joni Mitchell’s painting of CSNY. There’s only 11 songs on the cd, 7 of which can now be found on CSN Greatest Hits Rhino Atlantic 2005. For its time it served its purpose, a holding pattern move, designed to keep CSNY in the minds of fans while they waited unceasingly for some kind of a reconciliation between band members. By the way where in the heck is the new, updated CSNY Greatest Hits? Lot of great songs out there waiting for a new format. Just saying. Wouldn’t you like to see Heartland on a new CSNY Greatest Hits? How about Deja Vu, Woodstock ,Ohio,Find the cost of Freedom? American Dream, Shadowland, Compass, Got It Made, Soldiers of Peace? Not to mention the Looking Forward album. Just sayin, lot of great songs waiting for a new place. How about Almost Cut My Hair, Nighttime For Generals, Helpless, 4+20, Lady of the Island? All or some of these songs, and the rest of the available songs. How about the song that started it all, You Don’t Have to Cry? I think all these and more would legitimately fit on a CSNY Greatest Hits -Read Reviews-

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. So Far. I must admit that even though I have an extensive music collection, I wasn’t really a rock fan during the 70’s hippie years. Most of it just passed me by as psychedelic noise. Even though I was a member of the Woodstock generation, I had no idea what Woodstock was all about, and I did not want to go there. During the 60’s and 70’s I was mostly into jazz and folk music. I liked and bought LP’s by Joan Baez (who my stepmother referred to as “that wailing woman”), Bob Dylan, The Kingston Trio, Dave Brubeck, Peter Paul and Mary, and the old rockers like Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Forget the leaders of the teeny boppers, -The Beatles, and I was just getting to like the Rolling Stones. At this point, I am using Amazon to go back and sample the best of what I mostly missed out on at the time. Pink Floyd and The Wall? I bought the album at the time because it was famous, but I had absolutely no idea what all the fuss was about until I saw the movie version. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? My reaction was pretty much the same, except for the mega hit “Teach Your Children”, which has been on the “Top 40” stations and the “Oldies” stations ever since it came out. In this review, I listened to this album a number of times to try to get a feel for all of the songs included. I enjoyed rehearing the popular old hits: 2. ) Hopelessly Hoping, 8. ) Our House, 9. ) Helpless, and the mega hits: 4. ) Teach Your Children, 11. )Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. I will check out the other old songs by CSN&Y on Amazon. I usually end up buying boxed sets if I find music I like enough to want a complete set. If the boxed set includes a lot of duds, I may just end up buying the usual “Greatest Hits” albums. This “So Far” album had great sound and great performances of mostly great songs. I hope their other albums are just as enjoyable. Four stars, as not all of the songs are their “greatest hits”, and they had other songs out that were better. Also, most CD albums contain 60+ minutes of music, and the “So Far” vinyl version of only 42 minutes, 36 seconds of music, is not enough music on a CD version.

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