Buy “Slipstick CB654 2 Inch Lift Furniture Risers / Bed Risers, Adds 2" Height to Heavy Furniture or Beds (Set of 4) Supports 2, 000 lbs – -” Online

Slipstick CB654 2 Inch Lift Furniture Risers / Bed Risers, Adds 2" Height to Heavy Furniture or Beds (Set of 4) Supports 2,000 lbs

Very sturdy exactly what I need it as I have a bed that is adjustable and also massages the cups are sturdy and the wheels fit into then perfectly and the tough foam cushioning inside the cups helps to keep it in place plus they arrived very quickly Check it out!

Do you ever struggle standing up out of furniture that is too low to the floor if so, these low profile 2-inch tall furniture risers are the solution you can’t stand to do without! specially developed to boost seat ergonomics by raising low sitting furniture to a safer and more comfortable height level that eases the sit to stand process. Built for strength and durability, a set of 4 of these heavy-duty furniture risers will support 2,000 pounds (500 lbs per riser cup lift). to ensure lifted furniture is safely secured, each riser features a recessed holder cup on top which is padded with a memory foam cushion that firmly locks in furniture legs, bed rollers, and caster wheels 1-1/4” to 3” in diameter. If furniture legs or wheels are smaller than 1-1/4 inch in diameter, we recommend placing our CB654 CB605 caster cup in-between the furniture foot and riser top to disperse the pressure and avoid the risk of puncture. Great for raising Stationary arm chairs, beds, couches, sofas, tables, desks and other heavy 4 legged furniture. Added height also makes cleaning/vacuuming floors under furniture easier – ideal for robot cu to prevent unwanted sliding and protect floor surfaces, risers have 3 tiny round grippers built into their bottom base.

Slipstick CB654 2 Inch Lift Furniture Risers / Bed Risers, Adds 2" Height to Heavy Furniture or Beds (Set of 4) Supports 2,000 lbs Review

I have an antique desk that I was afraid I was going to have to repurpose because it was too short to find any desk chair to work with it. I was skeptical about these, wondering if they would look really out of place. Surprisingly, they don’t! This was just the perfect height to lift the desk to a proper height. Make sure to order these, the kind that have memory foam inside. The foam hugs the legs of the furniture, which keeps it from sliding all over the place. -Read Reviews-

Raises beds, couches, armchairs, desks, sofas, and other heavy stationary furniture height 2 inches to assist the sit to stand process and boost ergonomics

Adds additional height/storage space under beds and furniture making cleaning underneath furniture easier (great for robot vacuums)

Lifts heavy bedroom, living room, and home office furniture to a more ergonomically correct height that provides a safer biomechanical advantage to user

Recessed holder cup with memory foam cushion pad built into top of risers securely locks in furniture legs and caster wheels 1.25 to 3 diameter

This 4 pack of heavy-duty floor protecting furniture risers will support 2,000 pounds (500 lb weight capacity per riser cup)

I got these lifts because I recently bought a new dining table. I didn’t want to lift the table all too high, but my chairs were about 2 inches to close to my table and we couldn’t sit close and comfortable while eating. Pros:These provided awesome traction; I was pleasantly surprised that the tops of the risers were cushioned so there was so wiggling around with my table legs on it. They did their job, and lifted the table about 2 inches. It was sturdy. Cons:The only con I had was they look more plastic-y than I thought they would. I have a nice wood table and the risers definitely stand out a bit. Even a matte finish would have been nicer.

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