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SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Baseballs (Pack of 2)

Great for teaching kids (e.g., 8 and under) to throw and catch (especially pop-flys), with less fear of getting hit by the ball. These balls hurt way less when hit in the face than a normal baseball. Kids who are afraid of regular balls will learn bad form, and don’t try to catch the tough ones. There are problems using these in batting (they break pretty quickly) and grounders (they bounce more than regular balls), so we use a mix of regular balls for batting/grounders and these safety balls for practicing catching. Every coach-pitch level of baseball should start the season with these softer balls for teaching how to throw and catch. Check it out!

Product Description The perfect baseball beginners training tool to help youth players build confidence by reducing fear about impact. Same look as a regular baseball, yet has a soft, cushioned construction. Perfect for teaching young players how to bat and field without fear of injury or impact, SKLZ First Team Safety Balls have an authentic baseball look with a soft, cushioned construction. Worrying less about the ball means your players and/or children can focus on developing their coordination and skill and build the confidence needed to succeed. Safety balls are the same size and look the same as standard balls to ensure effective training and come in packs of two. Use the balls with the First Team Pop-Back Tee and PitchBack Trainers or individually.

SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Baseballs (Pack of 2) Review

Well built and have lasted me for a year without any problems. The key to extending the life of product is to only use for throwing practice. Item is soft and is able to be squeezed with the hand and so extended use for batting practice will cause deformities and premature failure of product. Used this with my son to help him overcome his fear of getting hit by ball like Smalls on The Sandlot. The feel is slightly different than real ball, but negligible in my opinion. Be aware that ball is bouncy, but is nice since throws that are short of mark often bounce high enough to be caught with minimal effort. -Read Reviews-

Reduced-impact training balls provide an authentic baseball look with soft, cushioned construction

Helps youth players build confidence by reducing fear about impact

Same size and visual cues as standard baseballs for effective training

Comes with 2 Safety Balls

Standard baseball circumference of 9 inches

Great for beginners. I used this over the summer with my 5 year old son who is pretty good at catch but occasionally takes a direct hit to the face. I’m not sure how long they will last but guessing if you just play catch and don’t hit them with a bat they will last a few years. Either way, for the price they are great.

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