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Sisters One, Two, Three Audible – Unabridged Nancy Star (Author),

I always love the first day of the month because I know I get to choose my Kindle First pick of the month. (I live in Australia so am a verified purchaser in Oz and get the benefit of a 11 hour time advantage). Usually I struggle choosing between two books but this month I was drawn to the cover of Sisters, One, Two, Three by Nancy Star. Once I read the product description I was concerned that it would be too depressing however now that I’ve read it, while it’s retrospective and there is a sense of melancholy it’s so beautifully written and realistic that as the reader you feel mesmerised by the narrative and feel utterly compelled to understand the Tangle family. This family has a tragic secret that no one will talk about, not uncommon for that period in time. Having resided on the idealism of Martha’s Vineyard everything is kept private and quiet. The past affects the present and the story jumps back and forth between the two time periods to help give the reader context. This story is a drama about a dysfunctional family who’s lives tailspin after a tragedy. It’s primarily told through the life and memories of the eldest daughter, Ginger. At times confronting, due to the inner turmoil you are waiting for things to unravel, and unravel they do. There are many twists and emotions run high. This story is one of mothers, daughters and sisters and really proves that you can never escape your family. I love how the characters unfolded and enabled me to understand why they are the way they are. Our pasts definitely shape us and have a profound effect on how we deal with things later in life. I am delighted I picked this book, it will make me think for days. 4. 5 stars. Check it out!

Sisters One, Two, Three Audible – Unabridged Nancy Star (Author), Review

I imagine it must be difficult to write about a fractured family and still show how strong their love is for one another. Nancy Star has done a fine job at writing just that. There is a saying in the recovery community: you’re only as sick as your secrets. The Tangle family is a perfect example of this. Ginger, the oldest of the sisters, is trained well to keep secrets. She was trained by her mother Glory who is a master manipulator. Glory is the center of her own world and she will not let anyone else take over. Glory can and will do anything to mold others to her reality. Glory’s truth became her daughters truth and each of them learned to cope with the lies in their own dysfunctional way. This is a great story of love and lies. The secret Glory worked so hard to keep is kept from the reader as well. We learn the secret as the same time the sisters do and lots of things begin to make sense. This is a well told story with complex characters. I highly recommend this book. This is my pick from the selection of Kindle First books. -Read Reviews-

This book draws you in from the very beginning and makes it impossible to put down. Makes you laugh & cry. Only dislike is the ending, leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

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