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Since We Fell Paperback – Large Print, May 9, 2017 by Dennis Lehane (Author)

Read it in one sitting yesterday — I love Dennis Lehane’s writing. Different from a lot of his other work, but the guy has range, and isn’t afraid to branch out and try something new. Can’t understand these people who are brutalizing him for "straying" from the Patrick Kenzie formula that made him famous. I like the variety, and thought he did a good job with a female protagonist. There are some fairly long paragraphs dealing with Rachel’s psychological torment, and I occasionally thought of Elmore Leonard ("I try to leave out the parts that people skip") but they do add to the story, even when a little long. Maybe those who are expressing disappointment are missing the nonstop thriller/action/adventure motif of his early work, but the guy isn’t cooking Big Macs, he’s writing novels! This is something new and different, but so what? The test is, "Do I stay up late to finish the thing because I can’t put it down?" And the answer here is an unqualified yes. Check it out!

Review “Lehane has written two books-one, an insightful examination of the search for identity and belonging, and two, a thriller that constantly leaves you guessing-and then smashed them together into one terrific read.” (Gillian Flynn)“Complex, tense, compelling, and an emotional and strategic hall of mirrors, where nothing is what it seems-but I would follow Dennis Lehane anywhere.” (Lee Child)“The most thrilling novel I’ll read all year. Since We Fell is simmering with emotion, menace, and humor. I loved it.” (Kate Atkinson)“One doesn’t ‘read’ Since We Fell so much as plunge and tumble through its pages like a raft in white water. A sweet bullet of a book.” (Richard Price)“Once you pick up a Dennis Lehane novel, you’re hooked. It’s just that simple. Since We Fell is a complex, compelling, page-turner of a novel from a master storyteller at the top of his game.” (Kristin Hannah)“[Lehane’s] ability to create levels of tension that cause the reader to sweat in a cold room has no peer. The mystery and intrigue never let go; the heart-racing tempo and twists and turns are engaging and unexpected all the way down the track.” (James Lee Burke)“A crafty, ingenious tale of murder and deception-and a deeply resonant account of one woman’s effort to heal deep wounds that don’t easily show.” (Kirkus)

Since We Fell Paperback – Large Print, May 9, 2017 by Dennis Lehane (Author) Review

I love most of Lehane’s books. “A Drink Before The War” was amazing. And “Shutter Island” is one of my all time favorites, sorta like “The Sixth Sense” in book form. What all this leads to is, that I have read his other work (didn’t see any of the movies though) and I really enjoyed this book. I am glad to see Lehane hasn’t lost his gift for writing. His books are so interesting. Your investment in the characters usually pays off and his conclusions always leave you thinking. I didn’t feel as if the first part of the book was to long or dull, as others have said. You have to really know someone to care about what happens to them. I think the setup for the conclusion was necessary. I really did like this book. Take that for whatever it’s worth. This review is an OPINION. I review books because author’s ask me to. I am a READER not a WRITER. Frankly, it’s more work than I enjoy. Any grammar mistakes are my own and irrelevant. I am only the lowly reader. So if you dislike my grammar, write my English teacher. And if you dislike my reviews – don’t read them. Read and review the book, not the reviewer. -Read Reviews-

Wow! I love everything by Dennis Lehane so I was excited to read this. However. .. The first half was starting to drag and I was starting to skim. I was getting weary of her paranoia and her issues, her constant evaluating of her mental status. Just as I was beginning to be sorry I’d spent money on the book the author completely turned it around. I really did not see it coming! I won’t spoil anything just suffice it to say another great read by this author! Highly recommend.

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