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Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard

Got this for my son who just got braces. He plays basketball and soccer all year. Son said for the first week it might feel a little uncomfortable but once you get use to it, it feels comfortable and soothing. Once it gets warm it molds to your teeth. My son is 11 almost 12 and we got the youth size fits just right. It even has holes in the middle where they can breath. I think this really even helped with his first week of having braces so he could bite down from the pressure pain of the first week of having the braces put on. I recommend for any youth or adult to protect ur braces with physical activity sports, especially with wrestling boys. Check it out!

This unique mouthguard has an Ortho-Channel design that immediately conforms to fit both upper and lower brace brackets for instant comfort and prevention from lacerations. Made with medical-grade silicone, this mouthguard is adaptable to changes in mouth structure as teeth adjust throughout the lifespan of your braces. Ventilation channels have also been placed through the center of the mouthguard to allow for an increase in airflow, which can often be problematic for athletes with braces.

Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard Review

My child loves this mouthpiece. Very comfortable and he says it tastes good also. Since it is a braces mouthguard it takes a little more effort to place it over the top teeth but that is a good thing. He is on the average size for 12 and it works for him. I think the adult size would have been too large for him. -Read Reviews-


This medical-grade silicone, latex-free product is offered in strap or strapless form. This product also meets NFHS wrestling requirements.

Integrated breathing channels

Ultimate custom braces fit

a special Ortho-Channel fits around brace brackets and adapts to changes in tooth position as braces are adjusted, providing an instant fit and protection from lacerations.

For ultimate comfort, no boiling or fitting required. Allow for free air flow and easier breathing.

The mouth guard is rather comfortable. I don’t have braces but wanted something with top/bottom protection. The silicon is probably a little too soft to really save your teeth during significant impact. A dual density guard would have put me more at ease. Also found it hard to breathe during intense action. It’s rather thick, like the air holes provided could have been smaller (since you can’t breathe anyway). Your mouth ends up almost uncomfortablely open. Only plus was drinking from water bottle was awesome as it went right in the holes. Also I must have a rather sever overbite cause the bottom didn’t fit well unless I made sure to stick out my jaw. Not very good for me but if you have a better bite and are in better shape, and aren’t hoping from protection from hockey pucks then maybe it’ll work for you. Not a recommendation.

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