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Shingaling: A Wonder Story Audible Audiobook – Unabridged R. J. Palacio (Author),

Shingaling was a beautiful book, swirling with emotion, kindness, and action throughout the whole story. It was unique compared to the other books, whereas they are usually based on middle school drama for the younger generation. One of the things I loved most about it is the way how Charlotte saw, in her perspective, the world. This is a must read book for people of all ages. Thank you for reading my review. Check it out!

Shingaling: A Wonder Story Audible Audiobook – Unabridged R. J. Palacio (Author), Review

Okay, so I read Wonder,loved it, wanted to read more. Auggie, Summer, and Jack Will are my favorites (who wouldn’t like them?)! So, when I found out about Julian Chapter, I was so excited! Then, I found out about Pluto and Shingaling. Now I’m literally obsessed with this series. Love, love, love this book! I highly recommend it for readers. Best series ever!!! -Read Reviews-

Having read Wonder several times, I was of course inclined to buy this as well. I was a little leery though since, while I loved Wonder and The Julian Chapter, I was not at all impressed with Christopher’s story, either in concept or in the final product. I just didn’t think his was a story that people were dieing to hear. This story, though, was awesome! Truthfully, of the three additional chapters that Palacio has written, this was the only one that I thought could be developed into a full-length book of its own. Very well done! I still would choose Julian’s chapter as my favorite, since I feel that it was the one that made the most sense to add. Now, where is Mr. Tushman’s chapter???

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