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Sheffield 1126 Porcelain Touch-Up White,1 fl oz

This touch up paint is okay – did the job fine, but isn’t wonderful. At $7 and change it’s a good cheap way to fix very minor marks, but a few things to note:COLOR: Like others have said, it’s ULTRA WHITE WHITE WHITE – most sinks are not this bright white, so it will stick out (unless your marks are teeny tiny in which case you won’t really see the difference. ) My mark was a bit on the larger side, but not big by any means, and it doesn’t SCREAM white but if you look for a few seconds you can easily pick out the spot. Not terrible, but somewhat noticeable. STAYING POWER: It’s been a few weeks and with daily use of the sink (touch up spot is in the middle where water hits) it’s held up well, but we did leave it for 2 days to fully dry, so that may help. I think most people are using this for little dots/marks, not huge spots so they should hold on okay, or at the worst need a little touch up down the line. I think the formula looks like white out lol – but if it stays for a while it’s a lot better than the brown showing underneathPRICE: $7 and change is fair – the bottle is bigger than you will ever need unless you have TONS and tons of spots and things to touch up :)It’s a good cheap way to fix little marks, but note the glaring white shade and don’t’ expect this to work with deep or large spots. Check it out!

Oz bottle, white, porcelain touch-up paint, for porcelain surfaces on sinks, stoves & appliances, withstands temperatures up to 400 degrees.

Sheffield 1126 Porcelain Touch-Up White,1 fl oz Review

Use in a well ventilated room and get the heck out fast, because smelling this stuff for too long can’t be healthy. That said, I had a hairline crack in my white sink and Porcelain touch-up did a very good job hiding it. I can still see the crack (this is paint, not filler), but it is just barely noticeable. Using the included brush will give you very wide coverage – way too wide for my needs. Plus, this paint is BRIGHT white, so it really shows up against anything that isn’t equally bright. I was a bit shocked upon first application, so I ran a dry rag over the line I had just painted with the intention of removing it and starting over with a different brush. Well, doing that drove the paint into the crack, allowing the paint to serve as a slight filler. The act of wiping the mark also served to blend the paint into the sink, removed most of the spill over, and created the effect I wanted. A total (happy) accident! My head is spinning from the smell, but the sink looks good. -Read Reviews-

The product is oz wht porc touch paint

Easy and simple use kit

The product is manufactured in United states

This is the third porcelain touch-up product I tried. The first one matched the color well, but wore off within a month. The second product involved a messy two part epoxy mixture and it wore off within a few days. I was about to give up and just buy a new sink when I decided to give this Sheffield product a try, based on its good reviews. Well, it’s been over a month and it still looks as good as the day I applied it. My only complaint is that the color is snow white, which makes it noticeable on my porcelain white sink. But it’s a lot more attractive than the black chips that were there. Also, make sure you have good ventilation when you apply it; the fumes stung my eyes a bit. time I’ll wear goggles.

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