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An excellent romantic /suspense, in book 3 of the She Can Series, by author Melinda Leigh. Combined with a chilling mystery and a shocking conclusion, each book can be read as a stand-alone, with no cliffhangers. Their all a must-read!. ………….With the memory fresh in her mind, single mother and High School math teacher, Brooke Davenport still couldn’t forget her very best friend in the world. It happened sixteen long years ago when she found the murdered body of her friend, and it was that reason, and that reason only, that she continued to teach and coach , self-defense classes. However, Brooke had no idea that her life was to be put in danger once again, when she finds herself saving a young woman’s life from a dangerous predator unaware that the assailant just made Brooke his next target. Worried about her only brother being deployed to Afghanistan and fears for her children, everyone is worried that the predator will seek them out. After getting injured from an IED explosion overseas and witnessing his assistant dying right before his very eyes, computer expert Lucas "Luke" Holloway,had never forgotten Brooke Davenport and the long-time crush or the mind-blowing attraction, he once felt for her. Nor could he ignore his best friend’s pleas when he begged Luke to watch over his sister, while he was away in Afghanistan. While suffering from PTSD, Luke agreed to help but deep down he discovered that he still carried a torch for her, even though he knew nothing could ever happen between them,eliminating all temptations and relationships of any kind. With the desire and need burning between them, the killer was stalking Brooke and leaving deadly messages making Luke realize that he would have to protect her at all costs. But when Brooke and her daughter go missing, it was established that they were both abducted by a ruthless and cold-blooded serial killer, and Luke will have to use all his wits and talents and play cat-and-mouse with a deranged murderer before Brooke and Haley become his next victims. Will true love blossom between Luke and Brooke? Will two broken hearts find each other before it’s too late?. ………I loved each and every book in Melinda Leigh’s series. ..thank you. . Check it out!

From Publishers Weekly Leigh hammers home the danger of daily routines posted on social media in this well-crafted romantic thriller. A sadistic serial killer stalks Madison Thorpe, whose social media updates tell him just where she’ll be when. As he’s throttling her, she screams. High school math teacher and women’s self-defense instructor Brooke Davenport hears the cry and dashes in to save Madison. The attacker gets away and begins to make plans for both Madison and Brooke. Internet security specialist Luke Holloway, who had a crush on Brooke in high school, has spent three months recovering from being injured in a terrorist blast that killed his assistant. He vows to protect Brooke from danger, and their romance evolves quickly while the killer increases his threats. Leigh (She Can Tell) skillfully leads the reader down several red-herring paths, and the tension ratchets up as the pages turn. This is one to read with the light on.  (Sept.) –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

She Can Scream MP3 CD – Audiobook, MP3 Audio, Unabridged by Melinda Leigh (Author) Review

This is the third book in the ‘She Can’ series and though each book does stand alone, because of all the crossover characters I’d highly recommend reading them in order. In this one we have Brooke, a woman in her late thirties who found her roommate murdered while in college and now teaches self-defense classes in her spare time. After saving a young woman from a brutal assault, her brother is concerned for her safety and gains a promise from his best friend, Luke, to watch over her for the next week. Meanwhile, a serial killer is stalking his prey and playing mind games while plotting and planning the perfect moment to snatch his next victim. As Brooke inserts herself into the investigation, Luke has no choose but to go along and pray the police find their man before he’s forced to take matters into his own hands to protect Brooke from a sadistic murderer. I enjoyed each of the three books I’ve read in this series though the second one ‘She Can Tell’ was my favorite. I liked Brooke and Lucas, who were both good people that carried a tremendous amount of guilt and responsibility over the deaths of someone they each cared about. Luke is slightly younger than Brooke and has had feelings for her since as long as he can remember. It’s been years since they’ve seen each other and Brooke is definitely attracted to the man Luke has become. The romance was satisfying and Ms. Leigh has proven again that she can write a smoking hot love scene. Just a well written story that kept me guessing and was full of surprises and suspense. The ending had some real shockers and the killer was a complete stunner that I never saw coming. Overall it was a good addition to an excellent series and I’m looking forward to the next book. -Read Reviews-

I can appreciate this book winning the 2014 Golden Leaf Award. A fast-moving, gut-twisting suspense with vulnerable women being targeted by a thoroughly evil man kept me caught until late into the evening. High school math teacher Brooke saves a young woman from an assault and the assailant was not apprehended. Add in a handsome helpful brother’s best friend, a determined police department, odd colleagues and tension that never stops — a masterful thriller races to a fine conclusion. Few red herrings and little other clues thwarted my meager attempts at fingering the bad guy. Fine by me. I like a story that prevents my easily knowing the finale. Ms. Leigh builds believable characters and life settings involving all her characters in each of her books. It provides a great reading experience. I am off to read book 4, "She Can Hide. "

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