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Sesame Street Medical Kit

My kids love this toy. My mother is a nurse and uses playtime with this toy to teach my kids about visits to the doctor. They learn compassion and caring by pretending to take care of each other. And they have hours of fun treating their stuffed animals and baby dolls, too. Check it out!

Product description Little ones will have lots of fun playing doctor or nurse with this 12-piece medical set featuring their favorite Sesame Street characters. Play pieces include a doctor bag, stethoscope, blood pressure gauge, syringe, thermometer, otoscope, bandage, 4 check-up charts and clipboard. All pieces store conveniently in medical bag. For ages 2-5 years. The Fisher-Price Sesame Street Medical Kit can help take the scare out of doctor visits–it gives kids the medical paraphernalia they need to make playing doctor more fun. The blue-and-white plastic doctor’s bag holds 11 brightly colored plastic tools of the trade, each decorated with an image of Elmo, Big Bird, or another Sesame Street friend. Included are a play stethoscope, blood pressure gauge, thermometer, syringe, otoscope, bandage, and clipboard with four checkup charts (eye, body, x-ray, and a prescription which recommends bed rest, liquids, and a callback to Dr. Elmo). The bag measures 6 by 2.5 by 8.5 inches tall and has a built-in carrying handle. –Ava Natov




Sesame Street Medical Kit Review


We bought this for our daughter a few months before her 2 year check-up. She loved the Sesame Street characters – especially the Zoe "bracelet" (bandage) but the stethescope does not really work and the ‘clicker’ that you push to sound like a heartbeat is so loud with the earpieces in it hurt my ears. Also, the otoscope is just a hole through the plastic piece in this set. We took it back and got Fisher Price’s regular medical kit. The case is a little different but my daughter can’t make all the pieces fit in either one. In the regular kit the stethescope really works and the otoscope has a ‘magnifier’ in it so my daughter thinks it’s really neat to look through. If you absolutely must have Sesame Street it’s not all bad, but I prefer the standard kit. -Read Reviews-

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Sesame Street Play Pieces to Play Doctor!

Makes a great gift!

Our daughter, Gabrielle, really loves this toy. She has to go to the doctor very often to get her imunization done, thats frighten her when she entered the doctor room. Fortunately, my father is a doctor too. So we trained her with her medical kit, to doing the same thing just like her grandfather. She could play like doctor and patient with her grandpa and she could play it for hours with it and she won’t be afraid to visit her doctor again. And the toy self is very interesting. Full of colour and their design is just like the real doctor’s stuffs and also all the Sesame Street characters are very interesting and fun to play with it. It’s realy worth it.

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