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Sesame Street - Elmo's Magic Cookbook [VHS]

My kids are ENAMORED with this video. I had postpartum bad and allowed my 9 month old to watch this. She was so glued to this particular Elmo show it is hilarious. Everytime we put it on she would watch the entire thing without moving much at all. She wouldn’t do that with Any other dvd. Highly Recommend! Check it out!

Product description This Sesame Street movie is about a magic cookbook! The irrepressible little red star of Sesame Street sizzles in Elmo’s Magic Cookbook, but he’s not the only celebrity to wave a wooden spoon here. It all begins when the tummy-rumble-inducing book the tape takes its title from is dusted off from its attic-dwelling days. First, it “alakazams” Jean, the ingredient-providing Julia Child of genies, onto Sesame Street for a primer on churning out a champion batch of ice cream (and one that, in one of a number of characteristically superb running gags, nearly causes Telly to collapse from arm fatigue), and then bam!–everybody’s favorite Crescent City culinary whiz comes by to create the perfect pizza with the gang. Chef Emeril Legasse does one better than sprinkle the parmesan and pile on the pepperoni with expected panache–he also peels away the mystery of where cheese comes from. When Legasse leaves on a minestrone emergency, another apron-ready star steps in. This time it’s singer Heather Headly, here known as Pocket Queen. Elmo, no dummy, is at first resistant to the queen’s suggestion that together they cook up some pockets. When she takes him on a video tour of pocket-eating cultures, however (think China’s dim sum), he warms to the idea, and what results is a scrumptious-looking summer roll. Each of the video’s cooking segments is intercut with food-related bits from the show–Grover’s hilarious gig as a hopeless waiter is one. In addition to a handful of recipes ripe for kid collaboration, this tape serves up customary Sesame-style excellence. No future foodie’s video shelf should be without it. –Tammy La Gorce




Sesame Street – Elmo’s Magic Cookbook [VHS] Review


So I don’t like this movie as I find it less colorful or fun than others, but my son really likes it and that’s what counts. He specifically asks for Elmo and Telly. This is a little older video, has guest stars, and they make different foods together with a fairy type character. It follows a story line of teaching Elmo and Telly that though they are kids they can make food too. -Read Reviews-

That was the quote from my (now 7-year old) when she was 2 and knew that Chef Emeril had cooked with Elmo. She watched Emeril Live with my husband and me and then (of course) was a HUGE fan of Sesame Street. I don’t remember what Chef Emeril did, but to hear my then 2-year old say "Chef Emeril, so kind" was a riot and has stuck with me, even though we now have a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old who have watched this. Very fun DVD, great mix of Emeril’s personality and Sesame Street!

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