Buy “Self-Stick Heavy Duty Felt Strip Roll for Hard Surfaces (1/2" x 60"), Brown – Furniture Pads -” Online

Self-Stick Heavy Duty Felt Strip Roll for Hard Surfaces (1/2" x 60"), Brown

Have a Roomba?Now that you’ve had your little electric pal for a year or so have you noticed slight scuffs on the legs of your expensive furniture?There are a lot of things one could use to make a simple bumper for Roombas, but none that I’ve seen has exceeded the value of this. Features for Roomba: -Adhesive is really strong; clean with alcohol before applying -This roll covered two of my Roombas (and it looks like there’s enough left for another?) -Bumper is thin enough that it does not impede docking at charging base -It’s cheap Check it out!

Product Description SoftTouch Heavy Duty Felt offers superior protection for all of your household surfaces by protecting against scratches and marring of hard floor surfaces and furniture. The roll can be cut into any size for any protection need. Plus, extra-strength, self-stick adhesive provides lasting durability. And its neutral oatmeal color easily matches any flooring and decor. Protect all of your home’s surfaces and furniture with the promise of SoftTouch surface protection solutions. From the Manufacturer Protect the beauty of your floors and household surfaces with high quality felt products. Made from heavy duty materials, Waxman brand felt strip helps protect your floors and counter tops from scratches.

Self-Stick Heavy Duty Felt Strip Roll for Hard Surfaces (1/2" x 60"), Brown Review

Get out your measuring tape and verify it’s 60 inches. My first order was replaced by Amazon as it was only 51 inches. Replacement order was the correct size. 3 stars for failing on quality control. Otherwise, great product. Using it on a rocking chair with a little super glue to ensure adhesion. -Read Reviews-

SoftTouch Felt strips protect hardwood, ceramic tile, and linoleum, floors & surfaces from marring and scratches

Long-lasting, heavy-duty felt pads with extra-strength, self-stick adhesive

Reduces friction and noise while moving furniture or trinkets

Can be used on tables, chairs, small appliances, vases, trinkets

One (1) 1/2″ x 60″ felt roll can be cut to any size

These are great – just like all other felt self-stick pads. ..but after a short period of time, they end up sliding off (especially if used on the legs of a chair). I read another review that advised using super glue in addition to the sticky pads – and VOILA!! Yes – this works like a charm! The sticky pads haven’t come off yet – and I did this months ago. Highly recommend THICK sticky pads with a gel type super glue. Perfect combo!

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