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Sega Dreamcast Console

The console today is still great. There are so many games for this console that you can still easily find this day. It is still compatible with most modern televisions thanks to its S-Video capability. The console is a classic, but also has so many hidden gems, you can really go to its Wikipedia article and start to drool. Further, with its VMU capability and four ports for controllers it has aged much better than other retro consoles. Games to get with this:Sonic Adventure 1 and 2: Two classic 3D platformers, though 2 has aged much better than 1. They can still be found affordably and playing them on their original console (Dreamcast) gives the best control experience. D2: An obscure horror game that will have you hiding under your bed at night for weeks after playing it. This game made great and novel use of the VMU screenShenmue: Considered one of the best games ever made, with graphics that hold up well even todayChu Chu Rocket: Great puzzle game, with a competitive multiplayer mode for up to four local playersSpace Channel 5: A music game that has you helping a space news reporter (you heard me) dance. Very bizarre, very fun. Crazy Taxi: I cannot do this game justice in my writing. Just go look up Crazy Taxi gameplay online. And so many more. With its second screen in the controller’s memory card and its amazing library of games, this console is a boon to own today. Used Dreamcast games are often sold for $10 or less on Amazon, and that means you can quickly build a true library of games for a fraction of the cost. Check it out!

The Dreamcast system is, in a word, awesome. Fire up Soul Calibur, and instantly you’ll appreciate that the graphics and gameplay are even better than in the arcade version. And Sonic Adventure, with its light-speed gameplay, is sure to wow even the most jaded gamer. It’s amazing that such a small machine (it’s about the size of your mouse pad) can deliver such incredible performance. Chalk it up to superior engineering. Dreamcast’s only downside is that it comes with only one controller and a demo disc. In order to truly take advantage of Dreamcast’s capabilities, we recommend outfitting the controller with a Jump Pack and a Visual Memory Unit. Getting one or more extra controllers is also a good idea, because some of the best Dreamcast games support up to four players at once. Why it’s so cool: Ultramodern components: Custom-made video, audio, and processor technology blows away the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation and puts Dreamcast in the same league as PS2 and XBox. Integrated modem: In another video-game first, Dreamcast comes with a 56K modem. Use your regular Internet service provider and the separately sold keyboard to access e-mail, shopping, and the World Wide Web. Not only can you upload high scores, participate in chat discussions, and download updates and enhancements for your games, but, through a membership to the SegaNet Internet service provider, you can play Quake III Arena, NFL 2K1, and other games against Dreamcast owners over the Internet. The Visual Memory Unit (VMU): More than just a memory card, the VMU is a miniature portable game system that fits inside a controller–so its LCD screen is easily seen by you but hidden from your opponent. All-in-one entertainment: It plays games. It plays audio CDs. It connects to the Internet and lets you browse the Web or e-mail friends. Our note to the cost-conscious: If you have a Dreamcast system, you just don’t need a separate CD player or a separate computer. Dreamcast does it all, and does it well. –Mike Fehlauer




Sega Dreamcast Console Review


The good: great game library, the physical design of the machine is ace, graphics on the machine are generally quite nice, 4 player support, VGA output. The bad: the controllers (even when brand new in box), it’s kind of unreliable (sometimes I have to flip mine upside down with certain discs), it’s loud (really loud), library is too small. -Read Reviews-

This is a classic playing gaming console.

9/9/99 is a date that’ll live on forever in the hearts and minds of gamers, as it gave birth to one of the greatest game consoles in existence. The Dreamcast not only paid homage to the past with its incredible library of arcade titles, but it was also a system that pushed the limits and was way ahead of its time. The Dreamcast offered crisp and amazing visuals, which are even more amazing through VGA. In addition to system’s technical power, it also offered things like the VMU, online capabilities, etc. The Dreamcast was an absolute powerhouse. Sadly, despite its incredible launch and impressive short lifespan, the Dreamcast fell victim to the hype from the Playstation 2. Instead of buying the Dreamcast, many decided to hold off and pre-order the much anticipated Playstation 2. However, despite the Playstation 2’s massive game library, I believe the Dreamcast is the vastly superior system. Shenmue? Check! Shenmue II? Check! Crazy Taxi? Check! Crazy Taxi 2? Check! Sonic Adventure? Check! Sonic Adventure 2? Check! Jet Grind Radio? Check! Illbleed? Check! D2? Check! Omikron: The Nomad Soul? Check! Rippin’ Riders? Check! Propeller Arena? Check! Skies of Arcadia? Check! Under Defeat? Check! Border Down? Check! Ikaruga? Check! Zero Gunner 2? Check! Mars Matrix? Check! Triggerheart Exelica? Check! Castle Shikigami 2? Check! Psyvariar 2? Check! Last Hope: Pink Bullets? Check! Fast Striker? Check! Trizeal? Check! Karous? Check! Chaos Field? Check! Gunbird 2? Check! Gigawing? Check! Gigawing 2? Check! Zombie Revenge? Check! House of the Dead 2? Check! Typing of the Dead? Check! ChuChu Rocket? Check! Cosmic Smash? Check! Seaman? Check! Confidential Mission? Check! Daytona USA 2001? Check! This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are still games coming out from independent developers. Both GunLord and Sturmwind are announced to arrive sometime soon. Folks, the “Dream(cast)” still lives.

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