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Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike

My bicycling background: Up until last month, I commuted by bike most days. I had a 10-mile ride with a few mild inclines (no more than 200′ elevation change over the ten miles). I’d been doing that for about a year. I didn’t have high expectations for this bike, but I bought it with a specific purpose in mind: I work from home, now, and the nearest grocery store is a mile away. I want something that can get me around the neighborhood during the day, or for short (no more than three-mile-long) jaunts in the afternoons and weekends. The folding part is sort of speculative: I live about . 7 miles from a light rail stop, and I can see periodically folding the bike up for rides into the city where I might want to bike around once I’m off the train, or where I can get off the train early and enjoy the miles of bike path around my house. My commuter bike is a Trek Crossrip Comp, which I like a lot but don’t like getting around on for short rides since it has SPD pedals (requiring cleats) and doesn’t encourage upright riding. The Loop arrived in fine shape. The packing was great. No dings or other issues. The only thing I had to do was cut off the ties holding it into its folded shape, screw on the right pedal, unfold it, and raise the seat to the proper height. The brakes were in good shape out of the box, but the shifter needed indexing. Since I’d read so many complaints about the saddle, I ordered the Cloud 9 seat that Amazon recommends along with the bike. I did do a few miles on the stock saddle, though, and I don’t think it’s as bad as people say. It’s more cushy than the stock saddle on my Trek. That said, if you’re not a regular biker or you’re just starting again after some time away, I can see how the saddle might seem sort of hard and unpleasant. I’d recommend waiting to change it until you’ve put a few miles on the one that comes with the bike, especially if you’re going to ride daily. Given a week or two, you might feel differently about it. If you don’t see yourself becoming a regular rider, you should still hold off for a week and see what you think. I’ll probably keep the Cloud 9 because it’s very comfortable, but I don’t think I needed it after all. Overall, I think I’m going to like this pretty well for what I bought it for: Grocery runs and pedaling around the neighborhood. It rides just fine, it’s easy to maneuver, and at my height (5’11") it provides a more upright ride that makes it easy to look around. It’s geared to provide a reasonable cruising speed. I’m taking a star off because:1. It doesn’t do anything to hold together when it’s folded up. I’m pretty sure I’ll just buy a few Velcro wraps and use them to hold it together for transit rides, but it’d be nice to have a built-in solution. 2. There’s no way to adjust the handlebars. They’re fine for where they’re at, but it’d be nice to have an inch or two of play. Not knowing much about the folding bike market in general, I’d guess this is more of a three-star bike on a more honest scale. It’s chunky and seems to be built more for being tossed in a trunk or stored in a small apartment than toted around for mixed-mode travel. I’m working back from five stars based on my own needs and expectations. Depending on how well it holds up over the next year, I’ll come back and adjust the score based on durability. At this point, it looks very sturdy and solid. Check it out!

Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike Review

Im age 72 and I weigh 255 lbs. The Loops weight limit is stated as 230 lbs. Previously, I owned a Dahon folding bike. The bike arrived undamaged. It was expertly packed. And I only had to cut three cords to easily remove the bike from the box. Unlike the Dahon, the Loop is solidly built; bumpy terrain is not a jarring experience; the seat is not too close to the handlebars; and last night I rode several miles on the Gateway Trail to Lake Phalen without getting a back pain. The Loop handles quite similar to my full-sized bike. To activate the warranty and for safety, before the first ride, the purchaser is required to have the bike adjusted by an authorized bike mechanic. I cheered when I read this requirement and I rushed my Loop to my bike shop. I also bought the Sunlight mesh basket and the Sunlite Cloud 9 comfort seat. Both products are well made. In my twilight years, my bony ass deserves only the best. -Read Reviews-

20 – inch folding bicycle designed for commuting

Low stand over frame and rigid fork for easy on and off

Sure stopping alloy linear pull brakes

7 speed drivetrain to get up hills easily

Nylon carrying bag included

Wonderful, just took out of the box unfolded connected one of the paddle and it is ready for a ride. I am very happy with it

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