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Runny Babbit Paperback – 2005 by Shel Silverstein (Author)

A very, very funny book. I was taking care of grand sons, ages 11 and 8, while parents were gone for two nights overnight. The 8 year old always is sad when his mom is gone and its hard for him to relax enough to go to sleep. I used this book as a diversion and it really worked! He was laughing and giggling and totally forgetting his mom was not with him at bed time. Made it a lot easier! Check it out!

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Runny Babbit Paperback – 2005 by Shel Silverstein (Author) Review

I’ve been a fan of Shel Silverstein’s work since I was a kid. Intrigued by his poetry back then, I now work as a Private Tutor and have used a lot of his books to help children with learning to read on the next level (or those who are simply struggling with reading as they tend to just find it “boring. “)Of course, getting children to develop better reading skills will only happen if they practice reading consistently. Reading a book they enjoy will certainly help hold their interest and make them WANT to read. Books packed with funny poems are definitely a good method to try. Kids WILL want to read them!My First Grade student who I tutor in Reading (among other subjects) absolutely LOVES reading poems by Shel Silverstein. What he used to find boring, he now finds interesting and fun. We started with “Where The Sidewalk Ends” and he just couldn’t get enough. I ended up purchasing “A Light In The Attic” for him to read as well and, of course, “Runny Babbit. “You can expect the same Shel Silverstein humor & entertainment from “Runny Babbit,” but it’s also a bit different as, just like the title, the poems contain words with ‘backwards’ letters & kids can’t help but laugh at this (and they DO understand how the first letter of the words have been reversed). I definitely recommend this book to any child who enjoys reading, likes humor in poetry as well as children who need that extra “push” to get them interested in reading more. (I should also mention it does make us adults chuckle quite often as well!) -Read Reviews-

The plays on words are a lot of fun for adults to read, but are difficult to read aloud and impossible for young children to follow. We got this to read to our 3-1/2 year old grandson, for which it’s a failure, although we do enjoy it ourselves.

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