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I know this isn’t the biggest movie to come out of the 80s, but it is one of my all time favorites. Too bad I have to resort to a European version to get it on Blu-Ray. .. love a region free player! Check it out!

From the creator of Jurassic Park and Sphere comes another spine-tingling sci-fi action thriller. It is the future. A sinister plot is turning helpful robots into assassins, and a cop is caught in a deadly showdown with the madman controlling the killer machines. They were crafted for the purpose of serving man. But now, guided by an evil force, they’re committing murder in this fast-paced, futuristic action-adventure. Tom Selleck stars as Jack Ramsay, a sergeant in the Runaway Squad – a security force dedicated to the termination of defective or runaway robots. Ramsay and his assistant Thompson (Cynthia Rhodes) are called in when two electronic engineers meet violent deaths. They discovera link between the murders and the development of a terrifying new weapon by an evil mastermind. Ramsay and Thompson are attacked by murderous robots as they close in on the brilliant and insane electronics genius behind it all, Charles Luther (Gene Simmons). Then the deadly chase begins in this taut




Runaway Review


Saw this in the movies years ago and loved it. WAY TO GO AMAZON -Read Reviews-

this movie is so prophetic, its creepy. shows where we are and where we are headed with technology. so good. worth seeing.

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