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Well, the music is great, but the lp I received is crap. I have a very revealing stereo system. This recording or pressing of Rumors just sucks. Side 2 sounds worn out and came with skips. If all of these 35th anniversary records are this bad they need to be pulled off of the market. I put a scratchy 50 year old record on when I took this one off and was shocked a how loud and clear the old record was. I am returning this record for a refund. The quality was so low, I will not accept a replacement. I will try to find a vintage copy of Rumors instead. Check it out!

Product Description This 1975 multi-platimum album, Rumours became Fleetwood Mac’s most celebrated album and one of the best-selling albums of all time. Certified at 18 million units by the RIAA. (2/01) With the pop sense of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks now leading the band, Fleetwood Mac moved completely away from blues and created this homage to love, Southern California-style. Each songwriter makes his or her presence known: Nicks for her dreamy, mystical reveries ("Dreams," "Gold Dust Woman:); Christine McVie for her ultra-catchy slogans ("Don’t Stop"); and Buckingham for his deceptively simple pop songs ("Second Hand News," "Go Your Own Way"). "The Chain," written collectively, is the Mac at their most dramatic. But it’s the ensemble playing, the elastic rhythms, and lush harmonies that transform the material into classic FM fare. –Rob O’Connor




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the 5 stars is for what is here rather than deducted for what is missing. Disc 1: The Remasterto my ears, it sounds exactly like the 2004 remaster, which is excellent already. the only difference is Silver Springs is added to the end of side 2 instead of end of side 1. Disc 2: Live 1977the Mac now have 4 official live cds: 1980 Fleetwood Mac Live (the Tusk tour), 1997 The Dance (w/3 additional tracks on the Silver Springs single cd), a 2003 10 track bonus cd included with the 2 disc Live in Boston dvd & now this one. i am happy to hear & have these 12 tracks from 1977. here is the young Mac at there prime. later tours, they become more polished & the recording quality of course improves, but it’s great to hear them young. Oh Daddy & Songbird only appear here officially, The Chain, Gold Dust Woman & World Turning are omitted from the 1980 cd and Don’t Stop 1980 is a sound check version. i like this 1977 Go Your Own Way better than the 1980 version because it’s 1 minute tighter. i agree with other reviewers who said they would have liked to have a whole show instead of just 12 songs, but i have to accept what i can get. Disc 3: The DemosThis is where this set gets interesting and worth the price of admission. Overall, the demos released in 2004 are rough mixes without overdubs. Here, the demos are generally earlier takes. Clear from this is that the lead guitar parts are usually added last. I also offer my own subjective rating for the value of each track either for quality or how revelatory or unusual it is. 1. Second Hand News (early take, acoustic demo), A, a true early demo of vocal & acoustic guitar. already the energy of the song is here. the 2004 is more like an early mix sounding much like the final song. 2. Dreams (take 2, solo demo), A, lovely Stevie vocal with electric rhythm guitar, no drums. the 2004 demo again is close to the final song with the drums. 3. Never Going Back Again (acoustic duet), A+, this is outstanding. very interesting to hear Stevie adding sparse backing vocals. also has a bongo track. 4. Go Your Own Way (early take), A+. the song in mid-development. sounds close to the final but without the lead guitar. the vocals are an early version with a very different “you can roll like thunder” in place of “you can call it another lonely day”. the 2004 demo is a later alternate version. 5. Songbird (demo), A, a simply lovely early take. 2004 rough is a later, alternate mix. 6. Songbird (instrumental, take 10), A, piano track only. 7. I Don’t Wanna Know (early take), A+. outstanding track with Lindsey doing the guide vocal for Stevie with electric rhythm guitar. this track really reveals how Lindsey sculpts the songs of his bandmates. 8. Keep Me There (instrumental), B, demo track here of an average unreleased song, but interesting because the last 90 seconds later becomes the end of The Chain. 9. The Chain (acoustic demo), A, a major revelation here. this is the Stevie demo of a generally unremarkable song which most likely Lindsey transformed into the powerhouse track of The Chain. 10. Keep Me There (vocal), B, an unreleased ok song but again the ending becomes the ending for The Chain. 11. Gold Dust Woman (early take), A, similiar to the final with an alternate vocal take and without overdubs. the 2004 release has 2 more interesting versions, including an acoustic demo. 12. Oh Daddy (early take), A, definitely a very early working demo where you can hear Christine calling out musical changes. the 2004 demo more like an alternate take. 13. Silver Springs (early take), A, lovely early take by Stevie. already, it’s a powerhouse here. 2004 disc has a later alternate version. 14. Planets of the Universe (demo), B+, nice demo of an ok Stevie song not finished until her 2001 solo cd. i like the demo better than the finished song. it sounds like Rhiannon. another take is on the 2004 cd. 15. Dosen’t Anything Last (acoustic duet), B, a short 1 minute demo of a Lindsey song with Stevie. 2004 cd has the solo demo with just Lindsey. 16. Never Going Back Again (instrumental), A. this beautiful song always sounds great as an instrumental song. here it has the drum brushes. ironically on the 2004 cd, the track is called Brushes but it has no Brushes, but is a more polished demo. so now we have 3 versions of Rumours: 1990 single cd, 2004 2-cd remaster & this 2013 3-cd remaster. if u are just an average fan & already have the 2004 set there’s no need to get this for any upgrade of sound quality. the avid fan should get this for the live set & the new set of demos. a casual & non-audiophile fan can get the old single 1990 cd for dirt cheap. for me, i’m glad i got this (didn’t want to pay $89. for the set, so i won’t get to see the dvd). -Read Reviews-

I have always loved this album. Had a cassette tape of it back in the 80’s and wore it out while driving back and forth to college. Now that I’m older and listen to the songs again, they mean so much more to me. So many of the songs have back stories I didn’t know back in the day and it’s interesting now to hear them and understand where they came from. There really isn’t a bad song on this album. They aren’t all "hits", but all of them feature excellent musicianship and writing. Yes, I’m a big FM fan and admit to being biased, but I’m not afraid to say you won’t be disappointed with this album.

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