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Rubik's Cube Game

I got this for my daughters fourth birthday, needless to say, she gave me this look like "What the heck is this dad?" I’m a sucker for giving my kids old fashioned toys mixed in with their technological terrors. She’s a smart kid, so she picked it up quickly. I’ve never been able to beat the Rubik’s cube, and I’m pretty smart. .. I mean. .. at least I like to think so. Nonetheless, I unfortunately had to dock a star off the review as one of the tiles simply fell off from a day of normal usage and won’t seem to stay back on. It’s the middle white one with the logo on it. Check it out!

Product Description The world’s #1 brain-teasing puzzler is still going strong with billions of puzzling combinations, but only one solution! Scramble the colored squares on this addictive and multi-dimensional cube. Then twist, turn, and rotate to match up the colors again on all 9 sides! Can you master the mysteries of the Rubik’s Cube? Can you improve your time once you solve it? Pit yourself against the ultimate brain teaser! Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. From the Manufacturer Hasbro is committed to being an ethical and responsible company and is a recognized toy industry leader in the areas of product safety, environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and philanthropy.

Rubik’s Cube Game Review

Was fun but broke into pieces during normal use, after only about a month or 2. Of course wasn’t used daily either. It was rickety and sounded weak right from the start. Very disappointed. I did get the packaged one -Read Reviews-



Billions of combinations, one solution

Comes with a display stand

Rubik’s Cube game challenges you to figure out how to get all the colors matched up on all 9 sides

Includes Rubik’s Cube and display stand.

Give zero stars if I could its not Hasbro just a cheap chinese knock off. What a scam

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