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Romancing Rebellion: Songs of Thomas Moore

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Review Ah, what could have been! Here is a recording whose program bears such potential but is brought down by an inept presentation, from puzzling packaging to the choice of singer. It takes some effort (and much more than usual because the liner notes are set in an extremely hard to read type; for the song texts you literally need a magnifying glass) to learn the connection between the disc’s title, 19th-century Irish poet Thomas Moore, and the year 1798. And it’s a little more confusing as to why the program–ostensibly selections from Moore’s famous 124-song collection known as Irish Melodies, in which he set his own poems to existing Irish airs–also contains arrangements by Beethoven, Berlioz, and Britten. Well, there is a connection, but it’s too complicated to explain here; suffice it to say that the attempt to tie all of this together in one package brings to mind images of kitchen sinks and monkey wrenches. And the real monkey wrench is the singing of soprano Kathleen Tynan. Obviously sincere and emotionally involved, she never seems really comfortable in the music. These are relatively simple songs that require an easy, more lyrical style than Tynan can manage. Her singing gives the impression that it takes far more effort than it should; and what kind of technique is she using that invariably inhibits any sense of true legato and creates strange shifts of timbre from one syllable to the next? And then there’s the cold, edgy recording, with the piano echo-y and distant. These songs, while by no means masterpieces, are worthy of a recording that gives them a chance. This isn’t it. Ah, the possibilities! — From




Romancing Rebellion: Songs of Thomas Moore Review


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