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ROLA 59508 NV2 Hitch Mount 2-Bike Carrier

Update: Cequent was responsive and sent out a new set of arms but they unfortunately have the same design flaws. They really need to redesign the cradle arms to allow the rubber straps to be replaced easily. They also need to change the molds of the rubber straps to eliminate the stress risers. Until then I will continue to back up the rubber straps with nylon cam straps. There is a manufacturing defect in the rubber straps. The mold of the straps creates a line on the 2nd innermost hole, which causes a stress riser. All of my straps are starting to break there after 2 uses. And as a previous reviewer stated, the design of the straps is inane in that you cannot replace just the rubber strap. You have to buy a whole new entire set of cradle arms. There is a 5 year warranty, so we’ll see what the manufacturer says, but in mean time I’m backing up the rubber straps with nylon webbing and cam locks for when they eventually fail. On the plus side, I was able to transport a tandem using this rack. I stuck out on the sides, but not too much. Update 9/2014Cequent Group (Rola’s US distributor) has really good customer service. They are now selling the straps by themselves and seemed to have redesigned the rubber a bit(no more stress risers). Hopefully they will hold up better, but they still recommend replacing the straps yearly. I always use backup velcro straps or nylon straps. They also seemed to have redesigned the aluminum “hubs. ” The lower arms are more solid aluminum with no carved out sections and the part that goes into the tubes went from an “I” structure to a more beefy solid aluminum. Hopefully these changes will make the arms much less prone to breakage. If you have the older version with the “I” you should periodically check them to make sure they are not starting to crack or the screws aren’t bending from too much loading. Check it out!

The NV2 – lightweight 2-Bike carrier features adjustable cradles that slide to fit all bike sizes. Carries up to two bikes. Jack knife design holds bikes by the wheels – never touches the frame, allowing you to carry several frame styles and sizes at one time. Adjustable cradles slide to fit all bike sizes. Light weight aluminum support arms that utilize multiple pivot points; stows upright for travel, extends to load bikes and folds flat for rear access. Security loop provides attachment point to secure your bikes to carrier and protective foam pads protect bicycle frame and rims. Fits both 1-1/4” and 2” receivers. For additional ground clearance order optional 4-1/4″ rise (ROLA 59513), or 6″ rise (ROLA 59514) accessory shank that fits 1-1/4″ square receivers.

ROLA 59508 NV2 Hitch Mount 2-Bike Carrier Review

First day, set up the bike, tried to pull the plastic/rubber strap around the tire and with minimum force, the plastic/rubber strap broke. It seems to weak. The rest seems ok. I would like to have the strap replaced, but there 1800 number is unreachable from my location. Days later: second strap broke. Update: I was able to contact to them through email. The replacements arrived and work very well. Please do not pull on the rubber peace to tighten the tire and rim, just use the first clip and go. It does not need to be very tight and it does not stretch. As long as you don’t stretch the plastic strap, the rack is perfect!(updated to reflect status as of 6/12/13) -Read Reviews-

adjustable design accommodates both adult and childrens bike sizes

Engineered to carry bikes by the wheels and not the frame, eliminating scratches

Lightweight, durable aluminum support arms add peace of mind without adding bulk

Support arms utilize multiple pivot points; stows upright for travel, extends to load bikes and folds flat for rear of vehicle access

Patented flip shank fits 1-1/4 and 2 receivers

Assembly instructions were not real clear but OK. Have not used the carrier yet but am a little dissapointed in the hitch pin – wish it was threaded for a tight fit – does not have a lock. If you want to lock the rack to the hitch, you will have to buy a locking hitch pin. I do like how light weight it is (the main reason I purchased this rack). I also like how little space it takes to store (another major reason for this purchase). I expect it to rattle a bit with bicycles on but I bought it for short hauls. I have a Yakima FourTimer (set up for 2 or 4) for the long hauls and for the expensive bikes. Overall, I OK with this purchase since it meet my (2) major needs.

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